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  1. Default Dungeon Fighter boosts Nexon to record Q1 revenue


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    Default Re: Dungeon Fighter boosts Nexon to record Q1 revenue

    They mention MapleStory's V update to be a big contributor (and specifically mention Taiwan's version) to the revenue in NA/EU+Others. Slight dip in overall revenue for NA region, however.

    LawBreakers launching this year in Western markets (they did a CBT in Korea for LawBreakers in Korea, interestingly), but no mention of Hyper Universe or the new publishing deal with First Strike Games. MapleStory + Dominations (mobile) are noted to be the key titles in the NA region. MapleStory + HIT (mobile) + Dominations (mobile) are key titles in EU/Others.

    Record-high revenues reported, driven mostly by Dungeon & Fighter in China. Almost an 80% increase yoy constant currency for China.

    Fun Fact: 322 full time employees in the NA office as of March 31st. 4,263 in Korea. Only 585 full time employees in their Japan office, which is down from 637 from a year earlier.



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