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    Default Over 100 injured, over 80 dead in France attack

    Truck rams into a crowd of people on Bastille Day, people jump out of truck and fire bullets into the remainder of the crowd.
    clearly this wasn't an attack carried out by Islamists. It must have been right-wing nationalists from a bordering country!

    It's hard to untangle the motives of the driver, and we will probably never know, since he was killed.
    We clearly need sensible automotive legislation. It's easier for a teenager to go out and buy a truck than it is for him to get his hands on a book. And that needs to change.
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    Default Re: Over 100 injured, over 70 dead in France attack

    This really just illustrates what we've always know:

    Anything can be a weapon. Our existence is fragile.

    Ideally we'd target the circumstances that create such individuals and address their motivation before they seek violence. That's one tall order.

  3. Default Re: Over 100 injured, over 80 dead in France attack

    Careful with that ironic salt or the obongo squad will come and take away your freedums. Sarcasm isn't taken kindly on the internets, as it is one of the most hurtful and problematic forms of speech ever created.

    You asked me why I didn't think making a thread about Dallas was necessary, here's your answer; I'm pretty sure until something changes this current consistent stream of attacks is going to continue without any more delays, they have enough resources and more importantly brainwashed manpower now to do what they've been wanting to do all along, kill us all. It doesn't matter what the source is at this point, if it's not insane Muslims it's insane activists; it's all terrorism because it's all got the same goal; to control using fear and tactics that the civilized world consider amoral and dirty so that we have no way of officially retaliating. I'm not saying we need heavily armed vigilantes running around retaliating in the government's place, but...maybe we need to find pineappleing Batman or some pomegranate, god damn.

    I think we are all just really tired of people killing each other at this point, and while it seems counterintuitive, the only real solution is to kill a TON of the crazies at once to demoralize them, as it would ultimately cause the final death toll to be lower once this is all over. When the only tactic they understand is fear because it's the only one they use, it's the only one that will -work- on them if they aren't willing to negotiate, which they are not. I do pool #BLM into that now, by the way, and I don't care if that makes me racist anymore, they need to calm the pineapple down and look at what they are doing for a minute, then start rebuilding the race relations that they are almost singlehandedly destroying. The cops that are dirty or the ones that are not turning in the dirty ones that they see are also at fault, but they have a whole different set of circumstances, it is one of the most stressful jobs in the world after frontlines military pomegranate and they are just people, anyone can crack. People just need to stop pineappleing killing each other, I'm tired of reading about it every goddamn day, even if I don't watch the news anymore the internet is full of it so I see it anyway.

  4. Default Re: Over 100 injured, over 80 dead in France attack

    Wait what? Isn't that exactly what is being done and is making "the crazies" go out and kill people? Also its not like they care about their life, most of them go prepared to die, I think the only way to demoralize them is not letting them kill people in the first place, catching them before they do anything and showing it on the media will make the rest of them think it twice since they wont be able to reach their goal.

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    Default Re: Over 100 injured, over 80 dead in France attack

    To be fair, many people have not been calling for a complete ban but simply requiring a licence, tests etc. before being able to obtain a gun. Similarly, if you want to drive a truck legally, you need a licence. I'm not saying that one can't illegally obtain guns or steal the keys for a truck, but it's still something that statistically seems to prevent shooting incidents. If it saves even a few lives, it's worth it imo. Apparently this guy worked as a truck driver despite having a criminal background. Orlando shooter was on FBIs watch list but still could obtain a gun. So there's one problem.

    Horrible news yet again. If the French were hoping that their tourism would recover after the Euro cup (soccer), it seems unlikely now.

  6. Default Re: Over 100 injured, over 80 dead in France attack

    As I said, the only thing they understand is fear. They are doing this because they fear the afterlife itself so much that they have to form an entire cult around making it a tolerable transition. They fear people outside their own religion so much that the only option remaining to them in their eyes is to kill or convert every person in the world so nobody is different from them. We have given them every opportunity to magically become rational beings, it's many centuries or hell, millennia, past time to stop treating them with kiddie gloves and force them to enter modern society, religious freedoms only go so far, if your religion is based on living in the stone age at a psychological level and you are so violently opposed to anyone outside of your group to the extent that you kill anyone who isn't in it, you are not worth anything to the world. If they were just a normal cult and not an established religion this would not have gone on anywhere near as long as it has; humans for some reason deify organized religion itself instead of the basic tenants of those religions like being a decent person.

    Except in America those are all already things outside of a few loopholes like gun shows. The real problem is that the government does not enforce the pretty detailed rulesets we already have laid down in the law, and only the people who abide by the law actually do those things because at this point many of the "required" steps are treated as both voluntary and optional, with very few incentives for actually doing them. If the government just lays down new laws without following the old ones then doesn't follow those either, it will just make everyone see them as even more of a joke than they already are on that front.



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