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    Greetings everyone! I'll make this one quick: I'm a new player and I know GMS was in its glory days back in 2007-'11. I was around for some time in late 2014 or something, I remember having the statistics of the average online count wich I checked regularly and it was something like 20-26k~. I've recently joined back in, and obiviously, like any game - the playerbase decreases overtime. So Im here with a rather simple question: whats the current population of servers like Reboot, Scania, Windia, etc..
    As you can see I'm pretty desperate on that matter. I mean, during the day I see all of the channels in the most crowded servers wich would be Scania and Reboot being half full, and the first one being full like all of the time, so that means quite alot of people are on. The game still has people and is healthy, right? I mean its one of the top games in KR Nexon, how does the future for this game look? Also, people have been telling me that MS is a seasonal game, like on spring/autumn its quite quiet, but when summer/winter hits, they come back flocking.
    So back to the question: Whats the average online count (approximately) on those worlds here in GMS? Are people coming back, quitting, staying?

    Thanks alot!

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    The game in its current form is a shadow of its former self for addicts like me to pretend we still enjoy it.

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    Keep in mind they can manipulate what the worlds consider to be "high population" and how quickly the bars get filled based on usercount. The world select screen isn't really a good representation of how few or many players there truly are - no one will be able to provide full numbers anymore. Just go check out the worlds' Free Markets and other similar populated areas to get a general idea. Though I'm sure you'll quickly find that they're all quite... dead.

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    so reboot is dead because there's 0 people in the FM?

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    If I were to make a guess then I would say all of the poor people are on Reboot and all of the rich or overly attached are on non Reboot worlds.
    I think non Reboot Maplestory has far too much cash dependence while Reboot has too little. A newcomer to the game will probably get more out of the experience playing on Reboot but that is assuming it doesn't get shutdown for not making enough money.
    My recommendation would be to try out both and to see if this is the game you are looking for.

    On the plus side, both Reboot and non Reboot worlds can be a good distraction for however much time that they last. (which very well could be for quite a while)

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    read the part after the FM specifically - Ch1 henesys or El Nath are popular spots.



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