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  1. Default Take Maple World On the Go With Pocket MapleStory!

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    Default Re: Take Maple World On the Go With Pocket MapleStory!

    Fun Fact: Nexon Korea banned everyone and their mother who purchased Candies (the IAP currency) more than x amount of times. I'm guessing the purchase system had faulty code that triggered an autoban. They fixed it now though and unbanned everyone affected.

    Nexon needs to put all of their mobile games to one publisher. They have 3 divisions that are self-publishing games for the NA+EU market. That's two way too many, imo.

    Nexon Korea is publishing Pocket MapleStory, Legion of Heroes*, Fantasy War Tactics (in beta), Legacy Quest (in beta), Mabinogi Duel (in beta), King's Command (coming soon).
    Nexon M (NxA's own mobile division) is publishing Dominations, Monster Squad, Heroes of War Orcs vs Knights, Legion of Heroes*, Beasts vs. Bots (in beta).
    Rushmo America is publishing Casino Frenzy.

    * Originally published by Nexon M but service was transferred to Nexon Korea, Nexon M is channel publishing (a la Combat Arms and NxE for First Assault) LoH.

    I have to mention that NxK seems to be publishing games globally though. They have Chinese, Japanese and English (sometimes Korean) for the games that they publish. Nexon M seems to only be publishing it in English.
    Also, I have to remind everyone that Legacy Quest was picked up by Nexon that was intended to improve their western gaming portfolio. Yet it seems to be being published by NxK instead of Nexon M.
    So... if that's the case, why does Nexon M exist? NxK seems to be fully capable of translating games into English (albeit a little wonky and awkward but it's still readable and it's not horrible as far as translations go) and publishing games for a global market.

    Pocket MapleStory is also being self-published by not only NxK for the Korean market but NxJ also has their own version and Asiasoft will also publish one for the SEA market.
    Dominations is also being published by NxK for the Korean + Taiwanese market and NxJ for the Japanese market.

    I can kind of understand having a separate division for Rushmo, since they seem to be focused on publishing gambling-type games which doesn't fit Nexon's main demo. But I feel like NxK and Nexon M needs to combine; or have Nexon America integrate mobile games into their portfolio like they did with Facebook games.

    Also, since I'm rambling about Nexon's publishing troubles, whatever happened to Nexon XP? Min Kim left and I don't recall seeing anyone taking over, has Nexon XP been disbanded?

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    now with a ban system as amazing as GMS \o/

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    If anyone remembers Maplestory Live it's pretty much exactly the same content except no mechanic class. Same areas, same order, same quests from what I can tell so far.

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    Default Re: Take Maple World On the Go With Pocket MapleStory!

    Strangely enough, there is a mechanic in the screenshot pictured above.



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