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  1. Default Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    I would like to gauge interest in something similar to an "Event Server" or a "Season" server for MS.

    Please submit any questions or concerns either here or in the survey itself.

    Please share this with as many maplers as you can. I really want to get a good grasp on what the community thinks!


  2. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    I can see the benefit of having these kind of servers to concentrate players into early level training maps, forcing them to communicate at times. I can see the player interaction but at the same time I can see the following issues:

    - Congestion: Is there only going to be one server to facilitate the maple population? Joys of being KS-ed and cussed ;
    - Lack of motivation: A temporary character Pink Bean worked because it has a (sort of) unique game play and obviously cute appearance. The rewards are for everyone who has the willpower and diligence to play PB in the set amount of time. I honestly cannot see this ranking system benefit the event server. The ranking will be dominated by those obviously who have time and majority would probably lose interest after a while; and
    - Rewards: While I appreciate the idea of GMS original CS clothing, is that all (mind you the rest of the list, doesn't interest me at all)? Not sure if worth.

    Unless it's for an extensive period... I certainly don't have the time to participate in such events (and this is probably why a permanent Reboot server is more viable).

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    Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    I agree with Liable.

    Mostly on the motivation thing.
    The fact that you have to compete in order to get a reward is a complete turn-off.
    If you could get rewards for simply reaching certain goals, regardless of how many other people reach them (like the Pink Bean event), then more people would be willing to try.

    I also don't like the idea of "having" to spend most of my maple time away from my server, my alliance, and my buddies, who may or may not come to the event server and we may or may not be able to find each other there.

    In general, though, I prefer permanent content to events (although a recurring event is not as bad as a one-time thing, in terms of wasted development time), and I'd rather see existing content fixed or updated to become relevant, than something new to be developed and then probably left in some semi-functional state forever (still waiting to see what happens with Blackgate, for example).

  4. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    Well, if there was some sort of way to communicate with your alliance/ buddy list from a character of your choice, this could get interesting. "Hey, hop along, we need to take down X boss and we need help".

    In fact, it sholdn't be just any other server, something interesting should be made about it. an amazing twist like being able to play only as 5 special classes PB style, like the twisted CWK army. THAT would be cool. And imagine getting SKILLS on your main in your server by getting those goals. Something distinct from said class without being overpowered.

    Or if you wanna go with originality, but no new classes, why not include a "character unlock" system, where you can only start with an adventurer, and unlock the others by reaching goals. Like "get a character to level 150 to unlock Zero" or "Clear root abyss as a resistance to unlock the cygnus Knights". All that with boosted exp and maybe a common goal like "

    Just don't make it a simple "Reach lv 200 on this character lol", make it an interesting twist and people will consider it. Oh, and make it cooperative, not competitive. If it's competitive, you can already know people won't help each other, most people won't even bother to attempt to compete with the tryhards, and nobody would even care about the rest. Imagine people forcing others to disconnect just to have them clear the pq, so they get a win and the others don't, to get that price... No, I say we get set goals and MAYBE a special reward for the ones who do it best. Someone who reached the goal can then help the people who haven't yet, and maybe even get rewarded for doing so. THAT is how you get a pleasant game experience.

  5. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    I really like the idea. But either the event period should be expanded, or all characters are auto-burning and get additional levels, since even with the easy cubes and spell traces it'll take quite some time. Cash rewards are always welcome too. I don't want it to affect the implentation of Reboot server in any ways, though.

  6. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    @Alloy; I hadn't thought of it running within each server individually but in a similar manner to PB. That could be interesting...
    @SaptaZapta; some people have expressed disinterest due to them having to change servers. I realize that this will probably be a decently sized issue. Maybe I can rework this so that it plays like PB rather than requiring a whole new server.

  7. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    Additionally, if Nexon gets World Transfer working decently enough, then you could also take a page from Diablo III's seasons (converting seasonal to non-seasonal heroes) and transfer your event character to your main server after the event period is over, if you choose to (and have room, of course), otherwise you could offer some equivalent compensation, like coins if that would be one of the normal rewards. That gives some permanence to the effort you put into it, besides the ranking rewards, and everyone can walk away feeling like they accomplished something, not just the people who "win" on the rankings.

    You could even have enticements, such as slightly better EXP or drop rates, increased drop rates of epic, unique, and legendary items, maybe account bound utility items (protection scrolls, unique potential scrolls, etc), and event server exclusive equips (mostly just for fun, but I can see rewarding people with good equips for working really hard), which drop varying rarities or you'd have to work to get. These could go with you when you transfer, while other things, like mesos, meso bought cubes, and such could be wiped. In order to prevent people from complaining about using these items because they didn't know they'd transfer, you could have them drop in boxes that can only be opened once the event server time is over (much like Hot Time boxes, where you had to wait 30 minutes to open them).

  8. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    I had considered this as well.

    If there was an easy way to make all equips/items on the transferred character untradeable then I don't really see any problem with bringing cubed gear to the live servers. I just worry if they were transferred and the equips weren't locked down that players could make a mint in the live servers.

  9. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    Those Hermes Cubes they released a while back make the items you cube with them untradeable, you could use those (removing the under level 100 limit), or make event server cubes do the same.

  10. Neon Atom
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    Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    Agree mostly with @SaptaZapta; separate server is an issue for me anyway. Having to play other character is also a big negative for me like the recent Pink Bean event, its very demotivating.

    Though I have not play much anymore, I wish we could have the Event Stamping back. Imo its such a good system (although iirc bugged as some events does not register) that gives reward for collecting stamps from doing events (not necessarily completing the event, some might need to just attend 1~3 times iirc). Make the prize unique for the stamps and people might be motivated to do the deserted events more. Older mapler will have something to boast about having more stamps and rewards from it. It can also make quests alive again for example completing 10 quests (not job quest) will = 1 stamp. Its not perfect but just my 2 cents.

  11. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    How about we try to take the best of both worlds: World merge. I don't know the exact science behind this, but would it be possible to make it so there's a merged server within each server, each hosting the event? Like, make Bera have Bera* merged with it. With world alliances you'd need only one per each. However, I don't know the stress this could cause to the servers, but there'd be one amazing upside, and that's playing with your guildies and buddies, while keeping a ranking for that world alone ( I think it works that way?). All that while having the same PB treatment of limited drops and looting. With a bit of creativity, this can get very awesome. Imagine using the CWK classes idea I mentioned, and then, imagine having a VS event, where EVEN the ones deciding not to make a new character can participate somehow. Just imagining things, but I can totally see this working. And instead of CWK, you can use vampires, zombies, monsters, whatever.

  12. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    I don't think that they would be up for the idea of having event server world merges. I imagine for the idea to sell (if it were to be brought to them) it would require that it be minimal or simple. Adding more servers and merges etc wouldn't be simple.

  13. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    Has anyone mentioned a kind of Event World, much like Star Planet and Cross World PQs? Then you don't have to keep logging in and out unless you're changing characters (btw we're still waiting for the in-game character change system...).

    I also take the chance here to say that event items are very frustrating because they take up valuable inventory space, is prone to abuse, and we never really know when to hoard e.g. the coins or not. I chucked 800 Oda coins, only to find out 1 week later the RLH-thing is coming back, an absolute piss-off. My coin purse is full that's why... Just make the event items on-loot-use and register on the server, and not clog up our inventory.


  14. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    This totally sounds like a "Ladder" / "Seasonal" system, similar to Diablo 3's "Seasons" in where you do stuff to get cosmetic items and whatnot.

  15. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    In a nutshell, yes.

  16. Default Re: Thoughts on an "Event Server" for MapleStory

    I have an idea for an event server. Currently on the class select screen, the difficulty ratings for later on kind of get blurry as you play.
    For an event server the affect of the ratings could be much larger. For example, a class that is rated as easy might be able to reach level 250 in 20 hours but end with less total stat points. While a class marked as more difficult would be stronger at the end but take longer.

    The reward could be a customizable medal or something.



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