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  1. Default Pink Bean - An in-depth look

    There were several changes to this battle in 1.2.158. Please read the spoilers to see what has changed


    In this document, I will be making references to several locations and mobs.

    • Throne Room (TR) = The place where you fight Pink Bean
    • ML or MR = Middle Left or Middle Right (Hawk statues)
    • FL or FR = Far Left or Far Right (Scholar statues)
    • Ariel (C) = The center statue above Pink Bean. I sometimes call it C for center because Ariel is the center statue.
    • Pink Bean (PB) = Duh, the guy you fight. There are two forms of him that I refer to, PB(W) (Weak) and PB(S) (Strong). I'll go into more detail later.

    The nature of this battle is not as it seems in many images shown through Insoya so far. Let's have a look at the image that they showed us:


    In the TR, you will face a series of six stages, each with increasing difficulty. Here's the order of battle:

    STAGE 1: FL PB(W)
    STAGE 2: FL PB(W) FR
    STAGE 5: FL(2) ML(2) C PB(W) MR(2) FR(2)
    STAGE 6: PB(S)

    The (2)'s in Stage 5 is because they get slight upgrades at this stage. I'll go more over this later.

    PB(W) refers to the other form of PB. In this form, you cannot hit him and he cannot hit you. All he does is sit on the throne the entire match, taunts you (hilarious animations too), and buffs up the enemies. PB(S) refers to the form of PB with 2.1B HP and does nasty attacks and has 23k touch damage. After you defeat Stage 5, PB(W) disappears in a puff of smoke and reappears in a flash of light and begins letting all hell break loose on you as PB(S).

    So, let's go over this as total HP:

    STAGE 1: 300M = 300M HP
    STAGE 2: 300M + 300M = 600M HP
    STAGE 3: 300M + 450M + 300M = 1.05B
    STAGE 4: 300M + 450M + 450M + 300M = 1.5B
    STAGE 5: 300M + 450M + 600M + 450M + 300M = 2.1B
    STAGE 6: 2.1B = 2.1B

    Add all that up...
    300M + 600M + 1.05B + 1.5B + 2.1B + 2.1B = 7.65B HP

    In the following, I won't be giving out pure animations. There are over 1000 frames to go through and well... I don't have a script to make GIFs like that (if only I did).

    Pink Bean (W)

    Scholar Statue (FL)

    Hawk Statue (ML)

    Ariel (C)

    Pink Bean (S)

    Hawk Statue (MR)

    Scholar Statue (FR)

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    Holy pomegranate, this is the ultimate boss battle. 7.65Bill HP? LOL. Thank you for the info, Fiel.

  3. Default

    Sounds incredibly fun. Can't wait to see more about this. :O

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    Could we see these animations, please? :D

  5. Default


    That sounds like some serious boss fight. Though I like the music related to this battle, I don't think that it's enough to keep players fighting this boss for 3+ hours.

    Back on topic, 6 stages...interesting. The battle sounds easy in the beginning, while it gets much harder near the middle and end.
    I'm curious how this pink thing moves / jumps, if it does.
    Actually, I'm curious how 30 players will fit on this map without bumping into the statues.
    Can't wait for the animations :3

    If only dispel was taken away <_<.

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    IGN: Will
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    It doesn't have a speed stat, so I think it's stationary.

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    I assume that PB(W) isn't the one with the crazy physical attack damage.

    If it psycho = death for most.

    Edit1: Reread: Whew, he can't hit you.

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    I messed up on that speed stat in the previous topic. PB(W) is stationary. PB(S) has -50 speed and is fully mobile.

    Also, to save me time, I won't be posting animations. I'll just be posting still frames that'll give you the gist.

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    Just to throw out as a reference, that's the same speed as a blue snail; a bit slower than pap by 10 speed.
    So when you're up and battling against the final form, imagine fighting a blue snail...on super steroids.

    Sounds simple enough to teleport around or haste-jump over.

    NEW QUESTION! Since Pap could be slowed down with a magician's slow skill, though a boss, could the same be done to Pink Bean?

  10. DUCKS
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    I suppose. Warriors can probably rush that thing as well, lol.

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    Uh.. Can someone fill me in on what this PinkBean thing is about? From the image, it looks like a retarded Wigglytuff.

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    that PB(S) link isnt work for me =(, how do i open it?

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    They would need a lot of hp to do that with the high touch damage.

  14. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 170
    Job: White Knight
    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour


    14-15k dmg with PG and HB, and actually, you don't usually hit the monster if you rush it. Unless you're on an edge or so

  15. Default

    Moved to public. Enjoy guys.

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    Wow i didn't think that the pikachu thing would be a bean xd
    Sounds incredibly cool thanks for posting!

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    I'm worried about the well-being of a ranged party going into this fight. Super knockback? Into one of those statues? And touch damage is what? :x

  18. Default

    Holy. I love the different faces. xD

    But holy cow, this looks epic. Quite an improvement from Horntail. XD
    I can't wait to see a video. :]

    Fiel, any chance you can make a script to make the GIFs? Aren't they all named like PinkBeenAtkSkill1.png, PinkBeenAtkSkill2.png, ect.? Should be easy? :[

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    Oh fun, 184 accuracy needed at level 180 for those statues...

    Fiel, is there any significance to you using member instead of enemy at times in his skill descriptions? Or is it just to provide sentence variety?

    Maybe the boss will create some use for Power / Armor / Magic crash besides Horntail now, depending on how much the buffs effect the statues.

  20. Default


    The hardest boss in MS is a pink Pikachu?



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