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    Having reached not only the Nut Coin limit on Nut Cases but even the Spell Trace limit as well, I figured I might as well make a thread about my observations. These conclusions were reached by getting 502 Nut Coins from sources other than Nut Cases, over the course of five days. I've only started farming them in the last three though.

    It takes less than 300 Nut Cases to get the daily 30 Nut Coin limit.
    From looting, the ratio of Nut Cases to Shining Santa Boxes is 4.4:1
    From opening Nut Cases, the ratio of Nut Cases to Spell Traces is 1:1.5
    *From opening Shining Santa Boxes, the ratio of Shining Santa Boxes to Nut Coins is 1:0.5
    This does not include Nut Coins from Magic Christmas Sock item pots.

    These were obtained using a farming method and permanent 2.2x drop, in which..
    1 run, including walking to map, NPCing, killing mobs, takes approximately 20 minutes.
    During this time, an Elite Monster is spawned about once every 4.5 minutes.
    During this time, a little over 1,000 mob ETC drops are collected.
    Result is about 110 Nut Cases and 25 Shining Santa Boxes.

    2 hours, 24 elite monsters, and over 6000 mob kills later.

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    I thought the 30 nut coin a day limit was incredibly stupid. Not sure about gMS but everyone in mSEA is trying to get the Orchid android which costs 2k coins. How many days would that be if I had to only depend on the nut cases ? Maybe it wouldn't affect the players who are having their school holidays since they have a lot of time to play the mini-games at the mini-games station, but for someone who is working like myself, finding time to farm + play mini games is near impossible.

    I initially farmed nut cases regularly after work but to get around 600 boxes for the 30 nut coins it takes about 3 ~ 4 rounds of Dimension Invade, each of which takes up to 10 minutes. That totals up to 40 minutes, ~just~ for 30 nut coins. Each mini games also take up to 10 minutes.. 10 rounds means 1 hour and 40 minutes just for about 10 ~ 30 nut coins. multiply that by like, the 3 games which gives out nut coins as prizes, I would rather be doing something else.

    This event was such a mess, half of my buddy list has given up on the orchid android due to time constraints. If only they never got rid of Rock Paper Scissors after the pre-You & I update.

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    why not farm in DIPQ ?

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    Boxes with coin limits. This was always a good idea.

    'Ever wanted to let the game tell you the pitiful amount of things you can ever hope to earn in a single day? Now you can!'

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    Farming mobs provides mob drops, elite monster drops, and at least one elite boss event.
    Having last played two years ago, it's interesting to experiment with new meso-making methods.
    It's difficult to sell stuff like Shield Scroll services without contacts, but hopefully i'll manage to get a buyer.

    I believe Aquatic Eye Accessory came from Normal Zakum.

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    Normal Zak and Chaos Zak drop it ^^



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