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    Exactly what do you have to do to get the chair reward? I want to try and get it before the 2nd but I don't want to waste my time if I can't at this point. The site says bring ingredients and all, but it doesn't tell you exactly what you have to do to get the actual chair award. Like how many items and such.

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    In order to get a chair, you need 200 etc. items that satisfy each cook (so 1200 etc. items total). The quest is repeatable daily so you can get all 3 chairs (requiring 3600 drops in total). Keep in mind that the NPC takes ALL of the etc. items that satisfy him/her, so if you farmed 600 etc. items for one NPC, you should storage/drop the ones you don't need before you talk to that NPC. Also note that a few of the items on the list (especially Kerning Square items) don't actually count for the NPC. If you aren't sure, then just get a few of the drops and talk to the NPC to check.

    The items that I used (so I can say for sure works) are:

    Tangyoon - Blue cloth
    Ming Ming - Crocky helms
    Utah - Drake skulls
    Neinhart - Tree trunk, blue essence
    Tofu - Cotton, charm of the undead, green cone hat, wires
    Kenta - Emerald clam

    You might have some etc. items in bulk from grinding on mules (crocky helms, drake skulls, etc.). If you usually use the 7 day Puffram pet on mules, you might have some of the items needed already :D

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    Wow, so I can get all 3 chairs if I make sure to start today. Thanks so much for telling me! I'll get on it right now.



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