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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be released on February 17, 2015 on Steam as the very first official Dragon Ball game outside of Dragon Ball Online to be released for the PC. The game features a story mode and several features in the game, such as character creation, based on Dragon Ball Online's data. The story follows , the main villains of the story, going through the Dragon Ball + Z history and trying to change history by forcing the Z Fighters to fail in their mission(s), typically by mutating the main villain in some form (giant Captain Ginyu, for example) or through mind control. You can be either a Human, a Majin, or a Namekian and design your character from scratch. Your Human/Namekian/Majin's destiny is to join up with Future Trunks and prevent Mira and Towa from corrupting and changing history. You can, of course, also play as the main Dragon Ball + Z cast. The game will support offline and online play, offering an MMO-level experience in online play.

    Personal thoughts : This game looks pretty cool and I'm truly excited to finally have a Dragon Ball game on PC. As someone who played Dragon Ball Online from January, 2010 until its closing in late 2013/early 2014, I'm extremely excited to be able to re-experience DBO content in a re-imagined form. So much of the data from Dragon Ball Online seems to be reused in Xenoverse and that's a good thing - that means it may be the game Dragon Ball Online was supposed to be.

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    I love the guys voice

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    Pretty hyped for this. I liked the making your own character part of Ultimate Tenkaichi but it was really limited. At least you can have different races and females this time around.

    Cute school uniform female human fighting evil inc.

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    The fact this is not only on Pc but steam is an instant buy for me. Thanks for sharing this I wouldn't have known lol

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    2015 is shaping up to destroy my wallets anus.

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    Anyone else getting the Trunks edition? :>

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    You can now pre-purchase Xenoverse on Steam and receive bonuses.



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