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  1. Default Black Heaven Quests

    Hey guys, here are my videos of the entire quest line of Act 1 and 2 of the Black Heaven content! I tried to give an informative title to each one and the description of each has a small blurb about what happens as well. If you guys have any questions you can just ask :)

    As for my thoughts about this update, I actually thought Black Heaven (Act 1 and 2) was really fun. The blockbuster style they went for is really great and it made it very different than other content in the game. There was a ton of new concepts/features added like the 'boss battle' where you had to survive until the end (I'll be honest, I died once and had to retry it...).

    The story was really good too, with voiceover dialogue for many characters and great cinematic cutscenes. In the beginning of Act 2, you'll see my character meeting up with the other Adventurers from the story line and them wanting to support the Maple Alliance by helping you out with their buffs (so cute), so different characters will have slightly different experiences (some dialogue in other quests might change as well). They even put in the whole Resistance vs Cygnus conflict in tiny ways, like the Cygnus Knights fighting with the Resistance members onboard the ship.

    The only thing that was disappointing about this update is the lack of... actual content? Like I really like the Black Heaven stuff and I'm looking forward to the rest, but the last update was more than a month ago and they only gave 2 Acts... which took be about 3-4 hours to complete... And there was no Resistance revamp or high level equipment... Hopefully the next patch will have a lot of stuff in it though :)
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  2. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Yes, sir! I fall in love with every recent piece of content. Black Heaven is somewhat really unique and charming. The only downside besides the lack of promised content(serious one, really) is how unrewarding and low-level it is. I mean 33+ is low for a (promised, again) high-level content and honor points are not that worthy of a reward. Anyway, let's just hope none of the long-awaited features will be forgotten in the next patches.~

  3. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Hey guys, back with Act 3 here!

    This included two new animated videos, this one in part 1:

    And this one in part 4:

    If you're only going to watch one video, watch part 4. It's so sad! Subtitles start at around 2:00.

    The flying ship part was pretty fun, but it was so hard... I failed so many times the game let me skip the entire sequence haha (hence the video of someone else's character). The next Act will feature the 'Machine Graveyard' in Edelstein.

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    I'm not too sure, but she got angry at Cygnus/the Cygnus Knights for some reason, probably because it was only the Resistance that had casualties?

  5. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Wait a second, so by "new resistance" besides revamps they also mean new resistance captains taking over because the previous ones died? like what?

    I hope a few things from this content

    1 - I said it before and say it again, If the Lumierre/Crystal Garden can hold some maps including training areas, they better make the Black Heaven into a high level area by the end of this story.

    ...oh wait, I forgot Nexon america made any other area useless with their party play stronghold/warrior grounds...

    2 - I hope Zero shows up around the final chapters like "all right mofos, the new trascendants of time are here to kick some ass".

  6. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Oh sure, Brighton and Belle have their dramatic pre-death dialogue, but poor Checky gets nothing.....

  7. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    People don't care about mechanics!

  8. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Im waiting for Checky to save the day in a shiny new mech.

  9. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Sadly, It still the same Spongebob mode mech

  10. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Wow I really liked this Act, mostly because it used sooo many old characters! Dagoth, Eleanor, the Demolishizer from Riena Strait (who would've thought you'd see that again?) and even a special character at the end of part 3 (check for yourself if you want ;) ). They even used the plane pilot, who saved the Resistance but your character doesn't know who he is LOL. And this applies to the story in general, they used Hiver who literally appeared in only the Evan story like 6 years ago.

    This act was also pretty difficult, it took me multiple tries to clear the security portions and the running part was so hard until I realized you could use attacking skills haha. I accidentally skipped it on the run right after I figured that out though, so I never got to finish it myself :(

    EDIT: Added subtitles for part 3 (end) and part 6 (end)!
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  11. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Oh no, Orca isn't going back is she?

  12. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Francis: Orca, I came to rescue you!
    Orca: ...
    Francis: Orca?
    Orca: Suu...
    Francis: Orca is acting weird...

    Orca: I'm... thinking.
    Everything... everything was because of Orca... and now Suu is...
    Francis: Orca!! Orca!! ORCA!!!
    Orca: SHUT UP!!
    I'm thinking, you idiot!!!
    Francis: Oh, Orca, you're back to being regular Orca!
    Orca: Who is regular Orca!
    Francis: Yep!
    Orca: Have you prepared an airship?
    Francis: Airship?
    Orca: I need it to go punish Gelimer!
    That bald guy. I'm gonna pull out all of his remaining hair.
    Francis: Hiik.
    Orca: Stop staring blankly! Go!
    Francis: Yes!!
    So are Orca's Black Wings going to be revived~?
    Orca: ...isn't it obvious?
    The Black Wings are Orca's!
    Once we get back Suu, the Black Wings will go back to normal.
    Francis: Yes, Orca!
    I'll follow you.

    Orca: That's a lie.
    After going up to Black Heaven, it will probably be Orca's last day.
    ......wait a little, Suu. We'll see each other soon.
    ...yes, we'll go back to the old days.

    EDIT: Added subtitles for part 3 (end) and part 6 (end)!
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  13. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Teasers for the final chapter of Black Heaven (with subtitles)!

  14. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Sorry for the triple post! This is the last one anyways.

    Black Heaven is finally over! I actually loved this update, it had so many great moments and great gameplay as well, it was very different from regular MapleStory. The final two Acts were definitely the bast. In terms of dialogue and characterization, they were amazing! They gave backstory to Irvine, Martini and Gelimer, and they tied together so many things (Gelimer studying the Seal Stones and harvesting energy from Riena Strait) from previous storylines. Finally probably the most evil character in MS gets his just desserts!

    Fighting Suu was really cool as well because I doubt I'll be able to fight the real version any time soon, and Orca & Suu's goodbye was so sad! "Without Orca, there is no Suu. And without Suu, there is no Orca." The ending was also really great, and of course the amazing music!

    There was even an ominous teaser for the next story update (check 9:30 of the Act 6 Part 4 video). I am sooooo looking forward to the next Blockbuster (assuming it is one)!

  15. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    I know suu die and gelimer .... but did orca die too ? it doesn't show much and if so how she die ?

  16. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Nope, Orca and Francis aren't dead, you can see in the Act 6 Part 4 video at the very end they go to Guwaru because Orca needs to regain her powers in order to fight the Black Mage.

  17. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    sweet maybe they might make orca class one day xD just like mihile

  18. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    Thanks for all the post on this, Max! It's been a really wild ride, but I would love to see more of these in the future. They were really enjoyable to watch. I just need to hope I can be ready for all of this when it reached GMS.

    And woo, Damien's up next... I hope nothing too bad happens to him. Som's comic seems like he has good intentions at heart but Akarium just dragged him on a leash.

  19. Default Re: Black Heaven Quests

    I was really surprised at how good Suu's storyline bossfight was. The multistage transitions are just so good.



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