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  1. Default Final Fantasy Explorers

    For the 3DS

    You start off as a dinky little villager off to reclaim crystals from dangerous dungeons in order to secure the survival of your dinky little village. You start off as a Freelancer (as per any FF game with a job system these days) and can advance into 10+ jobs later on.

    Not much is known about the story but it will be following a quest structure not unlike Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, and to some extent, Monster Hunter.

    Essentially it's a dungeon-crawling love child between FF:CC and MH. I DON'T CARE IF IT'S AN ATTEMPT TO CASH IN ON MH'S SUCCESS, I'M HYPED. I MISS THE EVER LOVING CRAP OUT OF FF:CC.

    Japan release date is December 18th. Crying about NA release confirmation right now.

  2. Default Re: Final Fantasy Explorers

    Get hype. Hnnnggghhhhh

  3. Default Re: Final Fantasy Explorers

    It doesn't look like it will be anywhere near as good as Monster Hunter.

    That being said, it still looks like it will be a decent game. I intend to pre-order it when it's closer to release in Japan.

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    I'm looking forward to this game. To be honest, the side FF games have excited me way more than the main titles for the past few years.

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    I was hyped when I saw this announced during the Nintendo Direct last month. But I'm a poorpapaya with no 3DS let alone a glorious nippon 3DS. I loved Crystal Chronicles though. Even if it's a MH ripoff, want ;_;

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    Know absolutely nothing about this game, but the mention of it being some kind of mesh between FFCC and MH has already piqued my interest.

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    Didn't realize this was confirmed for North American release. Glad to hear!

    Think I originally heard about it in June of this year. Not sure. Either way excited that it's coming over seas!

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    Default Re: Final Fantasy Explorers

    But what if it ends up being like FFCC: The crystal bearers.... :\

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    Default Re: Final Fantasy Explorers

    I'm curious as to what all the jobs are. Here's hoping for Dragoon for that Jump skill and Monk because fist fighting is always rad.



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