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    I'm not really sure if this goes here, but I have a question about recording MapleStory :O

    So right now I use Fraps to record myself, then I render with Sony Vegas Pro, but no matter what options I use, it always ends up being 720p :<. What settings (or if I have to use a different program?) can I use to make my videos 1080p on YouTube?

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    These are the render settings I use:


    For the other two tabs:

    Bit Rate: Internet/LAN ticked, 8 M
    Index/Summary: all blank

    And these are the settings I use on the actual video clips:


    Ticking 'disable resample' makes a huge different in video quality.


    I use Fraps at 60 FPS (30 is fine too, it makes lag spikes a lot smoother at 60 though), set to capture full-size, and Sony Vegas 12.0 to edit.

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    Thanks so much! I'll try all this out soon :)



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