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  1. Default Going from 1H sword+Shield to Ryude's Sword


    Okay so I don't know whether or not I want to make the transition from 1H sword+shield to ryudes sword, and I hope maybe some of you will help me decide which one to go for.

    What I am looking for:

    I am looking for which sword will give me the best damage output, for hero or paladin, in seconds and minutes, against end game bosses such as cvellum and hard magnus.

    Here is the description for Ryude's Sword:

    Ryude's Sword: Required Lv. 150, Category: Two-handed Sword, Attack Speed: Normal, STR +45, Dex +35, Weapon ATT +165, Accuracy +120, Boss ATT +10%, Ignore DEF +10%, Number of Upgrades Available: 6 (unhammered), Trade disabled when equipped, 100 Charm EXP obtained when equipped. Increases the number of attacks by 1 (Not applicable to all skills).


    My current 1H Sword+Shield combo is:

    Fafnir 1H sword 328 attack 82 str 10 stars 60% boss 30% pdr reg potential and 12%str 9%att bonus potential. It has no neb at the moment.

    My shield is a 27 attack vip sword with 70% pdr 9 % att reg potential and 12% att bonus potential. It has a 25% boss neb on it.

    My current stats are:

    10.7k str with MW
    880 attack without %'s (this is not counting skills this is from armor/weapons only)
    21% attack from emblem
    21% attack from bonus potentials
    9% total damage from bonus potential
    15% total damage from dojo gloves (I have no trouble obtaining top 10 gloves)
    3% attack with the codex
    209% boss damage
    84% pdr

    Current Link Skills:

    Phantom Instinct Lvl 1 (10% Critical Rate)
    Elven Blessing lvl 2 (+15% Additional Exp)
    Hybrid Logic lvl 1 (+5% All Stats)
    Wild Rage lvl 1 (+5% Total Damage)
    Elementalism lvl 1 (+5% Total Damage)


    How I plan on scrolling/cubing Ryude's Sword:

    I will be using the best scrolls that will be released during the time that I have Ryude's Sword. I will be cubing it for %boss/pdr and bonus cube it for at least 12% attack.

    So if the prime scrolls are available again, it would be 245 attack with 69 str. I will be enhancing it to 10 stars or more, so that will be 304 attack with 10 stars.

    I will most likely be going for the same potential I have on my sword so 60% boss and 30% pdr, and 12% attack on bonus potential. This will be the stats that I will be aiming for on my Ryude's Sword if I get it.


    1. Now it says Ryude's Sword only works with some skills. Is there a list of skills that doesn't work with it?

    2. a. Should I switch my current set up for a Ryude's Sword+2ndary?
    b. What would I gain/lose from switching/not switching?

    3. How difficult is it to obtain Ryude's Sword from the Tower of Oz?

    4. Are there any estimates for how long it will take for players to get it?(days?weeks?months?)


    If there is any more information you need please ask me!

  2. Default Re: Going from 1H sword+Shield to Ryude's Sword

    I haven't actually done much intensive math on this, though I've thought about it. The main thing is how many hits your attack has. With hypers, Raging Blow hits 6 and Blast hits 10, so you'd gain 16.7% damage as a Hero and 10% damage as a Paladin. Then, since you're switching from 1H to 2H that's another 11.7% (multiplicative) damage on top of those due to the multiplier change, so you're looking at around a gain of ~18.7% as a Hero and ~11.2% as a Paladin. So long as you lose less than 11.2%, you're in the clear.

    Just eyeballing it, everything else being the same, you're losing about 24atk and 50% boss damage, which is a hit of about 14.8%, so it'd suck to switch over as a Paladin, but it'd be okay as a Hero.

    Admittedly they're are other factors, like the necessity of Paladins to use charges, that may alter the numbers but I'm pretty sure this will give you a decent estimate at least; it's been a while since I've done Maple math, so I'm sure there are some factors I'm forgetting (for example, Final Attack, plus I've never played a Hero, so I'm not familiar with their attack patterns). As attack and boss/total damage from other sources, other than your weapon, increases, the difference will decrease, so that isn't to say it will never be feasible to switch to Ryude's sword.

    You get Ryude's Sword randomly as a reward from Rank 1 or 2 boxes, which are only rewarded when you leave the tower on one of the last 10 floors (41~50). No idea how long that'd take, nor do I know which skills don't work with the sword.

    If you're willing to ditch your shield for a pair of Hero/Paly secondaries just for Ryude's Sword, I'd say look into getting a Fafnir Penitent Tears instead, I believe 2H is the way to go no matter what. The 24atk difference between your swords only constituted like, a 2.8% damage decrease, while the multiplier increase is 11.7%, 2H + Secondary definitely outweighs 1H + Perfect Attack Shield, except in terms of being able to use it as both a Hero and a Paladin.

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    Default Re: Going from 1H sword+Shield to Ryude's Sword

    Ryude's sword is slower than the 1h sword. That could be about a 10% decrease in DPS, depending on what attack speed boosters he has.

  4. Default Re: Going from 1H sword+Shield to Ryude's Sword

    I use dSI, booster, and green potions

  5. Default Re: Going from 1H sword+Shield to Ryude's Sword

    Ok I'm going to start with this thread first over Lance's one because this is far more straightforward to do.

    I'm going to assume that we do get those scrolls you say. And so the potentials will just directly go over for your 1H sword and shield (to the secondary). I'm also assuming the numbers you gave me are unbuffed.

    You're losing: 24WA (from sword) + 22WA (from Shield, say you get the better Rosary from Evo) = 46WA, 20%Boss (from the Fafnir, I'm pretending you can find another 25%Boss neb), 1 speed stage (1 --> 2), but you gain 1 attack count on Blast (10 --> 11). You go from 1H to 2H, so the multiplier changes (1.2 --> 1.34). STR is assumed to be constant with your Rosary providing you some STR too.


    Hands down Ryude's Sword is superior by 5.94% net DPS, only IF all potentials are unchanged and you find another 25%Boss neb. Without the neb, you lose 0.22% DPS. If you are double-nebbed now, your gain in DPS from this change would go down slightly, but should still be around 5.5%

    Now for the difficult parts: 1) getting the sword, 2) scrolling your sword with those scrolls (if they do appear), and 3) cubing the sword and your secondary.


  6. Default Re: Going from 1H sword+Shield to Ryude's Sword

    Blast's damage buff is actually multiplicative.

  7. Default Re: Going from 1H sword+Shield to Ryude's Sword

    ... What...


    Ok not a big problem. Doesn't change anything much, just bring down the DPS increase to about 5%, since there is reduced diminishing returns.


  8. Default Re: Going from 1H sword+Shield to Ryude's Sword

    Also, I was under the assumption switching swords would break the RA set, so I calculated it as a lost of 50% boss.



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