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    Note: This thread deals with all the changes from 1.2.216 to 1.2.218 so there will be more stuff in there than actually added.

    (PvE) Skill Changes

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    Character (Changed)


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    Mob (Changed)

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    "Monotone damage skin"
    Sounds cool.

    Also seems like they didn't bother making a set for summer event, about time .
    Seems like "Wind" will be attracting alot of black people, rite @Kobe;?

    Edit:That medal in the "consume" section reminded me of something..... this could've been a perfect opportunity to revamp Aswan...
    I guess they will be saving that for "the 2nd/3rd/etc fight against dablackmage:hilla".

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    Ice Boxes are going to be able to have 999 per slot? Wonderful.

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    Well its been fun playing Angelic buster for almost 2 years now but its time to quit since KMS just doesnt give a @$@#% about that class anymore... worst revamp or buff or whatever u want to call it... Angelic Buster has been the most nerfed class in the game to the point of been one of the least played classes similar to mechanics... This is just dumb balancing imo... 35% proc rate chance in skills that we mainly dont use when bossing, increasing 20m to cap it cannot be compared to the damage lines most classes have. Very disapointing patch and i am tired of waiting for a decent AB comback i dont want AB to be as OP has when they were first release but at least make it a decent class to play with cuz right now it is just @$%@# Soul Seeker been our main Bossing skill has been cut from 4 to 2 orbs, from spammable to non spammable, not to metion that it is not affected by attack speed, AB doesnt have attack speed booster, AB is the class with the least amounts of lines x attack and we are stuck at %@#%$@ 50m cap... AB have 2 useless skills Melody Cross & pretty exaltation...and what else can i say... oh yes 35% proc rate chance is just meh why dont u make it 50% or at least 40%...35% is just trollish... why dont they make cap damage for AB to 100m so at least we can deal some dcent damage with trinity skill... why dont they make Soul Seeker expert which is ment to be an Soul seeker upgrade to increase number of orbs from 2 to 3 at least...

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    Someone's angry about Angelic Buster.

    Anyway, with the cap increase on Affinity IV and the fact that Soul Seeker isn't affected by attack speed, combined with Soul Seeker Expert, Trinity could make for a decent competitor as a 1v1 skill.

    Still, Soul Seeker's mechanics are a bit outdated in the era of bosses with invincibility frames. -quietly waits for 5th job-

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    Default Re: KMS 1.2.218 - Backports and more

    Today we see (Pve) Skills CHANGES, imagine seeying (Pve) Skills or with a V?



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