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Thread: [Pirate] Shade attacking skills

  1. Default Shade attacking skills

    So i almost reached to 4th job and i was wondering which attacking skill should i max first: Spirit Claw or Bomb Punch.

    I'm questing alot and do PQ like MPE and Evo world so which one will be good for my training method?

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    Bomb Punch hits 8 mobs, Spirit Claw hits 3 mobs.

    So Bomb Punch.

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    Default Re: Shade attacking skills

    I just got mine to 150 and I would say it's based on funding, If you have a 30-40k range at lvl 100, Spirit claw + Fox trot is the way to go for MPE but Bomb Punch is insanely useful for Evo, only max Spirit claw if you can almost one hit things at MPE.

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    My range is 20K-50K (50K is odd)

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    bomb punch doesnt really matter when back step makes up for the delay and mobs hit i think, with it the 2 hits i was doing was almost instantaneous kills, althou, after revamp that wont be the case where bomb puch does all the hits as well, i recommend doing neither of how you've been training and go bossing and maxing soul split then spirit claw, with 50k range at mid 140's it takes me less than 30 seconds to kill zak and gives me between 60-80% exp depending on how many arms i hit with soul split
    since it only takes 10 bain colars for an eof that's an easy lvl in a few mins, althou limit of 2 runs a day w/o passes

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    I havent made pach for bossing for now... which im kinda sorry for it. I reached to lvl 130 and im doing 2 zak runs per day.
    I maxed punch bomb and high mastery knuckle and now spirit claw. i will start maxing bossing skills after that... Or maybe i should stop spirit claw and max Spirit bond (For more boss dmg) and soul split?



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