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    It seems like everyone is 'sorry' for something they did during the day. But if that's the case then why am I still paying for it?

    a) Spider in soup - Still charged for soup and no gratuity on a $90 bill.
    b) Wrong coffee - Still charged for coffee and no gratuity.
    C) Coworker late - Stayed after to cover and continues to be late.
    D) Coworker makes a mistake - Cover for mistake and continues to make mistakes.

    Is it just me or are there more people apologizing and being polite than there was in the past? I'm happy with this change. Very happy.

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    Why the hell did you pay for the soup? You could have refused...

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    Would have refused to pay for the soup.
    Also, would have asked to have the right coffee in exchange for the wrong one (but still pay for one).

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    Spider in soup sounds like a legitimate health code violation. I don't know a single person who wouldn't have seriously f'ucked that places' s'hit up if that happened to them, much less pay for it.

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    Was with my family + extended family, it was a big table with four kids that were highly impressionable and I didn't want to raise the issue because I didn't want to create a scene with them around. I placed more value on the situation going south and leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth rather than prioritizing how I personally felt about the situation. Despite the criticism being given I would have still paid for the meal and would have left a note with management (haven't had the time, but will get on it once I clear my to-do list).



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