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Thread: Soul Weapons

  1. Default Soul Weapons

    So i have few questions about this feature:
    1. Which boss are listed to be the boss that i can get their effect?
    2. How do i get soul weapon anyway?
    3. Can i turn my own weapon into soul weapon?
    4. I saw that there mini dungeon and the monster over there drops shards, what their use and how much needed to be collected to use them?

    maybe ill have more questions by the answers but ty for helping me :)

  2. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    We got em for some time in EMS, so I hope I can inform you enough with this:

    1) I guess you mean which bosses are available and which boosts you get.

    The following are available (I don't know the effects of some of them):

    * Ani (Attack move)
    * Rock Spirit (Summon)
    * Balrog (Attack move)
    * Mu Gong (Damage buff)
    * Empress (Summon)
    * Pink Bean (Summon)
    * Magnus (Summon)
    * Von Leon (Attack move)
    * Hob King (Rush)
    * Dragon Rider (Attack move)
    * Zakum (Attack move)
    * Pianus (???)
    * Hilla (???)
    * Ephinea (???)
    * Akyrum (???)

    Every soul has a standard attack (or magic for mages) boost, which will be the same for any soul. Once you have a soul on your weapon you will have 0/1000 charge. Killing monsters will fill this charge. Every 5% of charge will give you 1 attack, up to 20 when fully charged. You can use the boss active at 1000/1000, meaning you will have 0 attack boost again until you charge your soul again.

    Every boss in the list above may randomly drop a piece of his soul. When you collected 10 pieces you can double click on the pieces to get a soul of that boss with a RANDOM prefix. For example you can get ''Lively Empress Soul'', which means you get a STR boost on top of the attack. Other examples are ''Wise'' (INT), ''Strong'' (Attack), or ''Great'' (Random 5% boss, 5% pdr, allstats, ...). These stats apply even if the charge is 0/1000.

    2) Monsters drop 30% and 50% ''Soul Enhancers'' randomly. Bosses may also drop 100% ones. When you use this on any weapon it will unlock a soul slot (kinda like nebulites) if it passes. There is no boom rate. Once a weapon has a slot, you can put any soul into your weapon you wish. You can also replace them, however you will lose the soul which was on the weapon.

    3) Yup, as described @ 2.

    4) I can't recall any dungeon o.o

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    Default Re: Soul Weapons

    Will the Soul disappear after certain time? duration? or they act like a Neb , but just a soul that you need to charge up the attack?

  4. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    It's permanent. If you want to make use of the boss soul, you need to attack monsters to charge up. The maximum charge is at 1000. You can use an ability of the boss soul at 150.
    If you die, it will reset to 0. A boss soul, depending on its quality, can have a summoning ability for a duration of time and an active ability.

  5. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    we might be getting gms-vamped soul weapons; as dev team said the original soul weapons were mediocre

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    Default Re: Soul Weapons

    A small but related question: What happens if you attach a soul to Zero's weapon? does it apply to both? do you get double the stat bonuses?

  7. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    Both get the souls. But not sure of you get double the effect.

  8. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    What exactly does gms-vamped means?

  9. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    Changed content for GMS. Like the bonus Neo City maps and such. Not directly ported from another version.

  10. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    They just said soul weapons in general were boring, not the originals in JMS. We're getting the KMS-based Soul Weapons.

  11. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    I hope they will find the way to combine both JMS and KMS system

  12. Default Re: Soul Weapons

  13. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    if you look at the old soul weapons, they appear designed for pre-unleashed (non-hit-cap-raised) maple, and for all the work needed to collect random-passive stat attributes, the end result is overrated and underpowered

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    Default Re: Soul Weapons

    Important question: If I turn my Dragon Tail War Staff into a Soul Weapon, can I still transpose it?

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    Default Re: Soul Weapons

    You'd probably lose the soul weapon stats.

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    Default Re: Soul Weapons

    I don't mind losing the "Soul Weapon" status entirely, just as long as I can still transpose it.

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    Default Re: Soul Weapons

    Do all versions of Mu Gong drop his shard?

    Does Evo Empress drop her shard?

  18. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    Why does the book lists a lvl 2 of the buff well in my case the ephinea buff how do i level up that? and any info on the murgoth book listing a hidden pic?

  19. Default Re: Soul Weapons

    I tried both easy and normal dojo, and Mu Gong never dropped his shard.

    On the other hand, in normal dojo, prison guard Ani dropped his.

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    IGN: SageFlip
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    Level: 20X
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    Default Re: Soul Weapons

    So been hunting around to an answer to my question, and got nothing lol.

    So let me ask again... can you transpose a soul weapon? I prefer not to be the guinea pig for this because I don't have money to get another staff. :c



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