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    Default Fanmade game in the making: Hyper Dragon Ball Z

    I've been hearing this game will give Bandai Namco a run for their money. Get hype! Would to see this get a Kickstarter so they can ensure they finish the whole thing.

  2. Default Re: Fanmade game in the making: Hyper Dragon Ball Z

    It reminds me of Ultimate Battle 22, and my only memories of that game was spamming the same move on Goten over and over because trying to do specials gave me horrific thumb blisters.

  3. Default Re: Fanmade game in the making: Hyper Dragon Ball Z

    If they ask for money this will get shut down faster than capcom can cancel a megaman game. Free fanmade games are one thing, making profit off other peoples license is an entirely different story.

  4. Default Re: Fanmade game in the making: Hyper Dragon Ball Z

    Okay this looks awesome.
    I was never a fan of the 3D type of fighting games so seeing this really makes me happy.
    At first I thought I was looking at a M.U.G.E.N. fight honestly but quickly realized it's a lot better.

  5. Default Re: Fanmade game in the making: Hyper Dragon Ball Z

    Sorry if this is semi-off topic... but this is pretty recent new that I found out myself. Some people may have heard about it already too, but there is something called Dragon Ball Minus. I'm not sure how I can put this in a way that it won't spoil it for anyone that hasn't read it yet, even though the series is pretty old. Minus is supposed to tie in Dragon ball with another one of Akira Toriyama's other manga series. It also reveals something else about it that I won't say, but there you go for those that are curious and still like DBZ.

    I like DBZ myself because of the humor, action,and quirks, but I'm also a bit surprised it's still pretty popular even after 20 years. They're still releasing new stuff now and then to tack on.

    Anyway, the fanmade game looks really interesting and fun at least. Just hope there won't be something like Square Enix sending an infringement letter to the fans that were doing a remake of Chrono Trigger...

    EDIT: Wondering if someone would like to create a new topic regarding DBZ or something. But to add to my first line... It seems Mr. Toriyama is adding more information, backstory, and depth to the DBZ world o-o. It's pretty weird, but interesting in a way. This also happened pretty recently when revealing stuff like this... Maybe they're preparing for a new movie or something?

    Majin Buu Arc Top-Secret Q&A with Akira Toriyama

    Android 17 and 18's real names
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