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  1. Default Where do we begin?

    What do you think nexon is supposed to focus on first? Should we clean up the easy, external elements (the duplication, meso generation, dc hackd), or should we dig deep into our the core of the problem to fix what might’ve contributed to the felt need to use those types of cheats? (High cost of cubing gear/NX dependency that walls progress/Dependency on paid for risks creating a market for purchasing gurranteed results)?

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    The rubble. What sins have we committed towards Nexon other than expressing our honest feelings?

    EDIT: We should really dig deep into the core aspects of why people feel the need to cheat, which are the high dependency on NX (because, let's face it, you're not going to have 500k range or higher unless you spend unhealthy amount hours in the game taking advantage of events for all types of scrolls for your equipment that will more likely than not get their items blown up and make their dependency of NX even greater in order to get the destroyed items again.

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    You can't select the people who make up your community when you have no filter. People don't cheat or abuse the system for any set number of reasons. Nor will addressing this problems have a proportional effect on abusers who take advantage of exploits or openings in the system. The only thing that any company can account for is to try to address the lowest common denominator and hope that is sufficient enough to continue turning a profit for their business.

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    Aren't you the one who doesn't play MapleStory, like at all? Just curious.

    Anyways, I think they did make a start with something that maybe not many people don't know: GND aka No delay was been patched along with FMA aka full map attack. Though it did take like a year and a half lol.

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    Even if (High cost of cubing gear/NX dependency that walls progress/Dependency on paid for risks creating a market for purchasing gurranteed results) may have contributed slightly to the problems with hacking by pushing people to seek "illegal" methods to play the game, I don't think it is/was the main factor - IMO the main reason was that:
    1) Nexon is good at making people hate them through their incompetence in handling certain situations
    e.g. Autoban and refusing appeals for actual legits, not reading/ignoring "valid" (i.e. ones that aren't just complaining or looking for freebies) tickets, allowing banned hackers to return to the game, not knowing what the community really wants at times, not responding in a timely manner to game breaking hacks... etc.
    2) Nexon is complacent at actively fighting hacks. Not that they don't, but they don't prioritize it at all.

    Even so, I'd say that fixing the second takes priority - even if a person can play in a bubble inside Maplestory without being TOO drastically affected by the first, the second is a large deterrent to anyone aiming to actually play Maplestory.

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    Default Re: Where do we begin?

    i think they should upgrade their response time first and foremost, along with their ticket system.

    fix the part that links them the most with the players
    edit: heh, seems like hashiro had the same idea.

    if i had to pick from your two options, first fix the dependency on NX, a hacker can only do so much because they don't need to shell huge NX to obtain results, which they can then sell to make even better gear, congratulations, most of the hackers in this game come from that dependency on NX

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    For most circumstances I'd be following this logic. However with a game like maplestory, where players who play the game as it was intended to be played, certainly do hit a wall, just like any other free to play game. The wall in maplestory is much more steep than the free to play games that I know about though. There are even worse ones, but just because there are worse doesn't justify what we have now.

    The thing about it is, the profits you make in maplestory without a huge investment, which varies by generation, are non existent. So you go to methods that aren't supported by the game, such as purchasing NX through another player, or just the currency in general. Much like gateway drugs, not in terms of "satisfaction" but if you already crossed certain barriers, why bother pretending? That's where I feel this game has gone, and the difference is people who pretend to play by the rules, vs people who just objectively go against the rules.

    And we're not talking about real life profit either, although that is a big component, I'm talking about turning over a profit to the point you can once again upgrade your gear to a result that actually shows improvement. We lost that type of 'gameplay' a long time ago.

    The goal here isn't to discuss how to get rid of cheating in general as a whole, but rather how to make it so that no player feels like they have to deal in these risky type of business' in order to achieve a threshold to enjoy all of the game itself.

    I don't play maplestory any longer, I consider it a masochistic type of game nowadays, as I've probably stated half a billion times. However opportunities have started to pop up that may actually end up creating results. But it's been awhile since I've asked what the general moral of the game is currently, which is why this thread exists.

    I really don't think people retort to these activities because "LOL I HATE NEXON", it's not like people steal from companies on the premise "I HATE YOU". It all goes down to one thing, profit, and back when I played it had the same allure. It's just that people got tired of depending on gachapon, or nx in general to reach those "perfect" scrolled weapons. So once duping became a thing in 2007 or 08 I can't remember which, it became the better of the two options.

    Between 08-09 is when the games perspective on hacking changed, it became a tool for those who didn't want to break bank, more and more people started to accept it, to defend it.

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    They should start with shared cash shop for all or is this the wrong topic to suggest such a thing?

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    Nexon would have to reformat the game entirely since their entire strategy is to put high curves in the game and offer NX as an incentive to shorten the amount of time it takes for people to accomplish in game goals. The quests should actually be more cohesive building into a main plot that is entertaining and easily followed. Adding in eye candy such as more animated scenes (which they have initiated) would raise the perception of the quality of the game. A bigger and better moderation team would be required with a focus on hacker prevention and a proportional increase in staff to handle conflict reports for people who subsequently get wrongly banned as a result of the harder policy to ban cheaters. This is important because if they are planning on improving the quality of the game and there is no need to purchase NX to make leveling bearable, then they are going to have to adopt another method of getting income such as monthly subscription fees.

    There are two main ways for online gaming companies to generate revenue. One would be advertisements which due to programming incompetence, never works well and bloats any experience whenever the purchaser's product comes up. Second would be subscriptions which require a high volume of users and a certain volume of users who renew consistently to at least stay above the bottom line. If you get rid of reliance on duping and other bars, then you need to introduce the game to both these forms of capital in order to gain similar capital. The only other thing that comes to mind is that they have some savvy investment arm in their corner to really expand on the profits generated from the revenue created by the game.

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    Default Re: Where do we begin?

    You are contributing to our sins by even suggesting such a thing!

    I honestly there are so many fundamental technical problems with Maple that it's beyond hope. My impression is that fixing the fundamental vulnerabilities that allow hacking/exploit activities are so deep that we might as well get a new game. As long as these vulnerabilities exist, someone will exploit them and no amount of good will from improved customer service or a more reasonable pay wall will compensate. So that's what my priority would be, if I had one.

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    It's a very valid suggestion since this makes it hard to change main characters without starting over from scratch with the cash items. Unless you want to unload your wallet, that is.

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    Default Re: Where do we begin?

    i wouldn't say it isn't, but (as much as i want it) i can't say it's the most important part of nexon that has to change.

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    Default Re: Where do we begin?

    Another "how can this game be saved" thread? And from KhainiWest? *rubs eyes* and it's not even April 1st anymore....

    On topic: People hack because they can. Same as downloading copyrighted content. The whole "the companies are too greedy" is cognitive dissonance justification. The real reason is that it's easy.

    KMS has the same paywall issues, and they don't have such rampant hacking, why? Because over there, if you get caught hacking, the penalties are harsh. In GMS, it's barely an inconvenience.
    Nexon America needs to learn how to catch hackers (hint: more clueless outsourced GMs, who barely know enough about the game to ban bots, is not the way to do it) and be harsh about chain-banning all their accounts and those of people who buy from them or party with them.
    Of course at the same time they must give good service to legitimate players, especially when dealing with false bans (and no, that doesn't mean unbanning anyone who manages to get into the chat queue and ask for it), or they'd scare both hackers and legits away.

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    I think one of the biggest issues is just plain communication between the players and Nexon. Nexon really do things on their own and they don't seem to like listening to their players, especially when it comes to criticisms... and I already know they somewhat follow orders and procedure guidelines set forth by Korea... There's just a lot that they aren't telling us and they prefer to keep their players in the dark or drag their feet on most of the issues their players care about.

    There are many instances of typoes and miscommunication which they often overuse to save faces as we'd believe otherwise. It just doesn't happen in the game either, but in tickets and their support system. So right now from what I can see, there is just a lot of distrust and animosity towards Nexon because of how that information, data, and news is being handled and executed. We'd probably know full well that there are some things they can't say or do because of their own head honcho that is Korea. Either that or they really care more about saving face and looking good than what their own players think of them in terms of respect.

    I don't want to start drama or anything or pull whatever, so I won't dwell much into the details... but all I will say is that they don't take criticisms or feedback suggestions against their practice too well imo. People that have read or lurked all around at Nexon's own forums for over the past week or so will probably know what I'm talking about. I feel as though that the communication link and trust (if we ever had any in the first place) has gone far beyond broken to be salvaged.

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    I have 3 points that makes the game almost unplayable in anything but the most casual of ways now.

    1. The paywall.
    There are too many upgarding systems that cost extreme amounts of real money. They are all required if you want to do the high end content or play competitive (which was a real thing back in the days). If anyone claims to be able to keep up without heavy investing at some point, they are either liars or exploiters.

    2. The Nexon approach to scumbags.
    It is not viable to let them off the hook every singe time, making the real player's efforts worth a little less every time. Better systems, harshers punishment and much faster response time, or bust.

    3. The dumbing down of content.
    Streamlining everything so that the new generation of players can keep up with their silver plattern self entitlement behavior makes for very shallow gameplay. It is not just this game though, online and console games does this all the time now.
    The Maple that drew me in and hooked me rewarded exploration, and it forced you to know every angle of big maps to be able to get the best EXP. This parking of ones arse while holding down a button, it is not fun at all.
    The monsters back then usualy had something that could almost be called personality, there was good and bad ways to approach them. You did not jump at Dual Ghost Pirates for example, and you made sure that the position of your character was sound all the time. It was your character versus one or a few mobs at a time, not the entire map which dies after one button press, never getting the chance to pose a threat or show off any interesting AI.
    It is not even a matter of being decked out in strong gear. When playing new classes you can destroy entire maps with just standard clean gear, and you are never, ever in any situation where you can die.

    The only exception to this is a handful of bosses that venture into the realm of retardation instead. Magnus, Hilla, Arkarium and Cygnus are all great example of lazy and money grabbing design solutions. The Root abyss chaos bosses are better off, but it is rendered void and null by the paywall.

    I have no hopes at all that this will get sorted out during the life time of Maple though. The entire industry must change, and if Maple goes first, people will just call it grindy and get their quick fixes from other sources.
    It can get infinitely better than it is now though.
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  16. Default Re: Where do we begin?

    *yawn* Man I slept for almost 13 hours.

    Anyway, the reason I made this thread wasn't "HOW DO WE SAVE THE POOR MAPLESTORY" who at this point is a dead deer that has reincarnated into a tortoise that also passed away of old age and has now reincarnated into me, I'm just wondering what the community would prioritize as fixes. I rarely listen to the radio in my car, and that song popped up, first thing I thought was "Hm, WHAT WOULD NEXON DO", unfortunately that's the only personal thing I could relate it to the song.

    By no means are any of these suggestions solutions that haven't been spoken before, but what would you as a player prioritize if they woke up one day and was like "Ya know, we haven't been exactly been managing with our personal best here".

    I unfortunately fell asleep shortly after I actually made the thread, but that is the purpose of it

    edit: ALSO

    I added that paragraph above because apparently just posting a picture is enough for a discussion, I wanted to leave it ambiguous because I wanted to hear what you interpreted it as the rubble, and what was the sins or actions they commit that cause these problems, you are certainly not limited to "one or the other", in your perspective what's the priorities that would bring the greatest change

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    Default Re: Where do we begin?


    Stupid ass nexon with their dumbass scissors.

  18. Default Re: Where do we begin?

    Wow, i can't believe that picture in the op exists and/or that you made it. My friends and i are obsessed with that song.

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    Default Re: Where do we begin?

    The details are trivial and pointless, the reasons, as always, purely human ones.

    As for you, KhainiWest, it seems to me that fewer people will cross over to the dark side when they know there's reason not to.
    We see all kinds of people get away with so many things, and the "Second Chances" isn't helping much either. People have no confidence in the report systems because they rarely ever see anyone reported be reprimanded for their offenses. And even when they do, how can anyone be sure that this came about because of the report, as opposed to a GM discovering it on his own?
    When you submit a ticket reporting a player, what happens? It's automatically closed, and an automatic reply is posted. "Unfortunately privacy concerns forbid us from revealing any information about one player's account to any other player. Therefore we will not be able to report on any actions we take concerning your issue."
    That's fine that privacy concerns prohibit revealing another's account information. That shouldn't excuse a complete denial of any information whatsoever, like who has viewed the ticket, and when, if ever. Let's face it: sometimes things fall through the cracks. But because of the current situation, we don't know if an abuse report ticket has properly gone through or if it has gone into limbo.

    "Rest assured however, that Nexon America takes all player reports very seriously and all such reports are thoroughly investigated."

    We can't be expected to believe that when we have no indication that this is actually happening, and worse, that tickets rarely ever result in any action being taken.

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    I think we found Mrbasil

    I made it



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