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    So basically the new event in KMS is called Freud's Diary, and it's actually sort of different from other ones.
    1) It is actually tied into the story line (which is why I wanted to post this)
    2) the item it gives is actually pretty good

    Um so yeah basically it's the story of Freud and what he did after everyone else was frozen/sealed away. It starts with you finding an old soldier being attacked by the Dark Warrior Mokadin (one of the Elite Bosses), you save him and he hands you a ring. Then it starts a monologue which Freud wrote, and the ring has chosen you as its 'master'. It can be upgraded as you go (2 times, each giving extra stats and a special attribute like PDR, boss damage, status resistance).

    But my favourite part is his actual diary, which is honestly pretty sad :(

    Base Ring

    1st Upgrade

    Anyways if you guys are interested I can translate after I complete more of the quests (although I think there's only one more upgrade with a diary component?). :)

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    Does the ring have slots?

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    Interesting! More please!

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    Looking through the KMST extractions it looks like it'll have 10 slots?

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    Post the whole thing?

    What level is it?

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    Aww, so after all the other heroes were frozen, Freud went around saving people on his own? His diary entries sound so sad and lonely.

    Also that ring sounds interesting.

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    I'm thinking Freud is starting to have more depth than the other heroes.

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    I really enjoyed Frued in the Zero storyline, was a shame it was the mirror world though but will be looking forward to this.

    At this point is Evan still counted as Hero considering Freud is the real Hero? Which means the E represented in MAPLE is now allocated to EunWol?

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    They're like level 10 or 30, don't think it really matters, in KMST they had fixed potentials.

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    Ohhhh, like a dojo glove but it's a ring?

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    Yeah, I guess. Some of them are just awful, though.

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    Lol, so the real heroes currently spell F MAPLE

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    This event is great. A powerful ring and lots of rewards for doing little effort. Also, you can get 4 different damage skins from the event.

    Now, if only Nexon makes it possible for Zero characters to use damage skins then that would be more than great.

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    No, but there are special scrolls for it which add like 8 str/dex/int/luk/400 HP/4 all stat/1 att/1 m.att. They're 100% success rate but I don't know how many of them you can use on the ring since it has no slots...
    Yeah they have 'Special Potential' like the Dojo gloves. The base ring has nothing at all but then when you get the first upgrade, you can choose an element (fire, lightning, ice, earth, poison, light). Each element gives a chance to inflict a different status condition.
    Then at the 2nd upgrade, the element gives an extra stat (max. crit damage, crit chance, min crit damage, status resistance, defense ignore, boss damage). I think they're all 10%.

    The ring also summons the '-element- Onyx' which is like a cute little fairy thing. If you have AB on, it won't appear though.

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    The second upgrade for the ring, which is the final upgrade does give the ring slots. Ten slots to be exact. I don't see a restriction on Onyx Stones, so I believe you can use as many as you want.
    However, the Onyx Stones that give 1 W.ATK or 1 M.ATK are given in the fourth week of the event period.


    The ring in its final upgrade can also level up 5 times.



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