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    I completed all the quests in the replay section, accepted the rewards for the level 20 to 60 equipment boxes, and finally tried to accept the last reward for chair (the red button). Result = error. Not sure what I did wrong here..?

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    Explorers and possibly other classes are all having this issue. Post the screenshot here if you care enough to be one of the million to report it. Honestly though I believe they have enough at this point and are fully aware of it. They most likely just need KMS to fix it as we all know GMS can't do anything without their permission.

    I got it on my Dawn Warrior but I have no clue what other classes can/can't get it as well.

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    I believe Tot is GMS exclusive, so "waiting for KMS to fix it" is irrelevant. The GMS programming team (located in Korea) will do it, according to the GMS priorities.
    I don't recall seeing this on the Known Issues list, though. And as far as I know that's locally maintained.

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    O, so Tot's is completely ours? I was wondering why it was so horrible. It is great for free levels but Tot doesn't let you finish a single theme dungeon before telling you to move to the next one. When it come to abuse it is great but gameplay wise it really is freaking horrible to be honest. Also GMS have a programming team? I always though they more or less just copy & paste and see if it works. If it doesn't then they fix it... Or don't, whichever comes first and depending on how they feel at the given moment.

    But yea, I suddenly feel bad now that I am aware there are programmers that are creating these errors and not just because "the system" sucks. So they just don't test their stuff whatsoever then? Because there isn't really an excuse for some of the bugs that I have seen.

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    Now we know why it was so bad. I didn't even notice it gave so many levels and free stuff as time goes. Might have to do this whenever they make Phantoms createable and see how fast it goes.

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    I was writing a very newbie friendly (causal quest run) tutorial for a friend which basically abuse Tot's as much as possible. Even took screenshots and I am pretty much done. Only missing the final reward on my newly created Dawn Warrior (I screwed up before, didn't know Sun would have changed my attack patterns) so I am just waiting for my hair coupon to expire as I heard that counts as completing it and I really like the fancy (though maybe girly) hair that they start off with. Dropping it isn't possible so inb4 someone tell me to do so.

    Anyway long story short I have the whole Tot's list of tasks from Lv1 to level 61.

    Lv1 - 10 ~ Tutorial then 1st job advancement.
    Lv10 - 30 ~ Job related quests/story, possible to obtain levels during these tasks so check every time before you start a new quest. Don't forget the Lv20 and Lv30 equipment boxes.
    - Lv27 ~ Run away from Curbrock for a free decent time limited badge.
    Lv30 - 2nd job advancement and Curbrock rematch.
    Lv30 - 35 ~ Accept the quest for the fairy theme dungeon and talk to Fanzy to complete it. You don't actually have to do the dungeon, just accept it then click the level up button five times.
    Lv35 - 40 ~ Do Kerning Square theme dungeon. Won't be able to finish, most likely collecting fedoras at this point. Don't forget the equipment box.
    Lv40 - 45 ~ Do Golden Beach theme dungeon. Won't be able to finish, most likely killing shrimps at this point.
    Lv45 - 50 ~ Complete one run of Azwan then get five free levels. Don't forget the equipment box.
    Lv50 - 55 ~ Do Chryse theme dungeon. You will actually complete this one though Tot will say nothing about accepting the medal.
    Lv56 - 58 ~ Do Gonzo Gallery Opening. You will complete this one though Tot will not require you to fight the boss.
    Lv58 - 59 ~ Dimensional Schism party quest. Otherwise you are on your own for a level.
    Lv59 - Lv60 ~ Free level then 3rd job advancement. Also final equipment box with a final Curbrock fight that reward decent free items. Hopefully you can get the final reward as well, it is a medal with +5 in all stats.
    Lv60 - 61 ~ Talk to a few NPCs and get your free level. Once level 61 the Tot icon will vanish. Tot default key is the minus key if you haven't gotten the final reward yet or have to replay tasks to get it.

    So basically if you time it right you get free levels at Lv30 (five), Lv45 (five), Lv58/Lv59 (three/two depending if you can PQ but don't forget your job advancement) and that not counting the free partial levels from Lv10 to Lv30 that you could squeeze from him. While he doesn't compare to pure grinding his recommendations aren't total crap until Chryse come into play which is where you basically got the good ones anyway. If you can grind elsewhere then you can always go back to it once Lv58/59 to get the last few.

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    Gotcha, wasn't aware this was a big issue. I was just casually finishing quests and of that sort and stumbled upon this error.

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    This list is only valid for whatever job you recorded it on. Every Job has a different Tot, including the common quests. Every job skips levels differently because of it. Minor example - most jobs skip 45-50 the same way. However BEast Tamer gets their Aswan skip at 44 instead of 45 and thus BT get 44-45 free but must wait until 46 to skip up through 50. Some jobs still allow you to go through the Sleepywood stuff in the 40-45 range instead of Golden Beach.



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