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    After revisiting that maplestory 2 knight drawing I assessed what I think I need to fix and improve, will do this for every non-study piece from now on.

    Decided my digital painting/rendering ability was nonexistant so I practiced a bit first. I still have no idea how to handle SAI.

    Exams are over (for now), my final set of school exams are in 5weeks, and then my final HSC is in...2-3 months? So I'm just going to take all of tomorrow off to draw *-*

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    Imagination work this time. I'll do a photo study of an asaro head to compare where I went wrong and what to improve.

    It represents the duality of man, the inner conflict between concious and subconscious, a zeitgiest mlieu of trasncendental transience my inability to construct, simplify and render the human noggin.

    At least I learnt how to layer mask

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    This is much more complex than the crappy ones I did from imagination, I'll need to memorize the extra planes of the forehead, eyes and lips, and nose, which is pretty much everything so hasjfsadfsad

    blergh, time for another still life tomorrow, its been too long, so much for having a study schedule
    once that metal-focused still life is down its back to studying anatomy aaaaand then I'll apply what I've learnt to some new piece.

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    "Oh you did a semi decent photo study of some black and white image with clearly defined planes? WHY NOT TRY A COLOR PHOTO WITH LOTS OF METAL YEA THATS A GREAT IDEA"

    It wasn't a great idea, I bit off more than I can chew.

    Posting while its half baked because I was lazy and didnt do the metal still life like I said I would, went out to eat pho instead. Anyway the actual ref had her uhm, missing most of the front of her armor, so I decided it would be a good learning process to copy down what metal was ON the photo, and then try invent my own and get it to look semingly legit. At the moment though it looks like a messy blob of crap

    And this marks the third image in this thread with some generic fantasy girl with the eye level set at her waist. Yea, really pushing the envelope here.

    edit: Yep, leaving it at this for now, time to setup my still life n take a break.

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    Holy crap I got absolutely rekt

    At least the drawing was sort of accurate. I know I need more contrast with the metal to actually get it reading as metal, and some sense of edge control so the reflective surface doesn't look like muddy garbage.

    I'll try again later.

    edit: oops forgot image goddamn its late\

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    Bad news is I got some weird "funny bone" feeling in my drawing-index finger when I stretched it back, so scarred of carpal tunnel now I'm starting to do wrist exercises and all that jazz.

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    Eughhh going back to maplestory killed any art drive I had so I deleted it (for the seventh time or so) its just felt so mind numbingly simple.

    Learning how to apply a frame in perspective to give my figure drawings some more interesting angles. (Free wombat included, decided to spend an hour sketching them to add them into my visual library)
    The main problem is I haven't bothered memorizing how the proportions of a body are divided according to eighths of a frame so right now its not as useful as it should be as a guide.

    Legs day ^^ taking my time with diagrams from Hampton's Figure Drawing: Design and Invention.

    Last day of the holidays art studying will get slower (one hour a night instead of 2-3) as I start school studying more and more.

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    Callin this one done. Got some feedback on my process and its all wrong when it comes to illustration. I started with anatomy when I should've started with simple thumbnails, gesture and general composition, so at the moment its some weird work-study hybrid.

    Ah well, I'm proud out the rendering, and I'll probably look back and cringe horribly but it was fun.
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    Small update, reading FORCE - The Key to Capturing Life Through Drawing and trying to improve my gestures and give my figure work life.

    I'm happy with 1 and 2, 3 is lulzy and 4 is too constructed to count but its an interesting angle that I haven't taken before. I didn't use photo reference because I'm too lazy to find it

    Since Evekara is down, I'll revisit my plans to draw Irena with these poses, they're all meant to show a character reaching for an arrow while holding a bow (the bow is only visible in 4 though)

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    That divine shield drawing of Evekara is pineappleing sweet.

    Good job, Poetry!
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    THANK YOU! sorryforthelatereply i wanted to have something to post but my wrist was a bit messed up from exams and drawing.

    Trying again with 300% more archers. Going to try make up the anatomy on the spot instead of methodically putting in a skeleton and then muscles. Composition will probably still be a mess but it'll be something to learn from



    One down 4 to go. Eyeballed the anatomy as well as I could. My ability to draw animoo has improved slightly compared to last time so that's nice.

    Going to finish the roughline art for the other four, post it again, then probably refine the lines and go in with color, then I'll try render it as well as I can, opacity lock and color the lines and it should look neat.
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    Mega post and rant incoming.

    Almost there with archer sketches, wrist problems + slow working speed (excuses excuses)

    My sketchbook

    I said I wouldn't post my trad work but back then I was a dumbass who spammed scratchy pen "gestures" which had no substance or value. Here some stuff, bad and worse, from my sketchbook/daily diary.





    I was a lot angrier about this before, probably because it dug at my own insecurities over failure, the idea of not having some "talent" or deciding factor in me is actually pretty scary. I'm often very critical and doubtful of what I think and say (because 17 year olds are mostly idiots right?), but this is one thing I want to hold "true" for the rest of my life, the idea that anyone can pursue anything.

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    Oh lawd am I slow. Lineart done for now. Won't bother wasting another post on this so I'll just edit this post when I'm done with the colors.

    A lot Most of the poses look hella stupid. Going to work on gesture and anatomy again once I'm done with 25~ more hands in my sketchbook.

    a-at l-least it beats my old animu stuff in nearly every aspect

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    Default Re: Poetry's drawings and stuff

    Wooowowow that is looking REALLY GOOD so far!

    I'm excited to see the colors!

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    Thanks ^^





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    Sketchbook stuff. 50 hands are done too. Realizing I've been coddled by digital tools for far too long and can barely draw a full figure traditionally.

    My crap right now

    Where I want to eventually get.

    Coloring on the anime archers above is slow and on hold until my final exams are done.
    I've managed to pick up a very neat blending brush for skin tones however so it'll turn out alright.
    I just don't have the time to HSC study, art study and then work on it right now. excuses i know T-T

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    Watching videos and reading books on figure drawing I should have read at the beginning of this year.


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    Like many of the things I've said I'll do in this thread for practice, I didn't follow it, but hey, I still improved a bit

    Additional stuff on my a3 newsprint pad. I've been neglecting my actual sketchbook lately, its just too small to draw from the shoulder on.

    Facing impending doom from the HSC. I'm in a very good position with my school and subject ranks and umat but oh man did I piss away several weeks of potential study time. Keen for uni though.

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    About 15% of all the a3 newsprint sheets I 've used so far. Hang em up in my room now, once the walls are full I'll start replacing old with new.


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    Anatomy revision from imagination focusing on the upper torso and neck. Gonna watch more videos tomorrow and get back into the swing of things from my week long holiday.

    Old stuff from reference, closest I'll get to life drawing models until I'm 18 zzzz

    Haven't touched my tablet in what feels like a month e-e



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