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  1. Exclamation The Battle for Venezuela Begins

    My country, Venezuela, is in turmoil. We are on the edge of a revolution. Our socialist government has failed us. The prices are too high. There is not enough food. There are too many murders. Too much crime. Many of us live without water and electricity. We are hungry. We are starving. We are hungry for change.

    My people are fighting day and night in the streets. You can hear the gunshots. You can smell the tear-gas. Risking their lives. Many have died. But this is just the beginning. It is time to bring the battle to the global stage. It is time to bring it online. We cannot give up.

    But the Government is fighting us online too. The information war is just as vigorous. Our government blocked images on Twitter. They even cut-off access to the Internet for 600,000 of us in the university city, San Cristobal. They are blocking websites. But this is just the beginning. We must organise ourselves with technology. We have to keep posting online. Keep posting on social media.

    If you are from Venezuela, I urge you to share your story. If you aren't from Venezuela, I urge you to share our stories. Thank you.

    We can make a difference.


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    All Governments are corrupt.

    The Police in Ukraine got the wrong intel about the people they are fighting against.
    They're told the protesters are Anarchist and want nothing but chaos, which is not the case.
    The riot police are most likely not even Ukrainian.
    Both sides are throwing Molotovs and shooting with real bullets.
    Police has even been shooting with snipers on civilians.

    The people aren't even protesting against what the mainstream media makes it look like they're protesting against.
    They are protesting against their corrupt president, Viktor Yanukovych, not for losing their stupid membership of the EU.
    It seems like it's been settling down in Ukraine the past few days tho.

    Thanks for sharing this news!
    I didn't know about the events in Venezuela, I'll be sharing this with others aswell.

    It seems like everywhere in the world, people are slowly beginning to rise up against all the corruption.
    But lately all these events haven't brought much good upon their countries as an end result.
    It feels like the corruption will always be there no matter what...

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    Default Re: The Battle for Venezuela Begins

    First of all the corruption in Venezuela is beyond the "normal" levels of corruption, heck, even for Latin America's ones.

    Venezuela lost about 30 Billion dollars in ghost companies that were created by the government itself, just look for Antonini Wilson...
    There is also the free money that they give to other countries for political favors and etc. And also the leeches of Cuba...

    Well, I'm from the state of Carabobo where the governor (Francisco Ameliach) in a twitter message called the government's militias to give a "final strike" since that moment, some friends and I are getting raid by motorcylcists with guns every night when we protest, also the army (well, it's more like the Army Police, the army itself is still out of the problem in most states) also took 2 of my classmates into custody but they aren't in jail but lost since 2 days ago... The Government's militias killed a Beauty queen, a student and injured a lot of people with bullets... The Army police raped a guy with the barrel of a shotgun, shot at buildings that were near the protest zone and are using non-riot control weapons or using them (riot control weapons) in a really close range after chasing the protesters, which is as destructive as shooting a normal gun...

    The government took NTN24 (a Colombian new channel) from the air and they said that they are going to take CNN down too next (after expelling the CNN reporters, which btw were also robbed by the government's millitias 10 mts away from the Army Police...). There is no freedom of expression here... the government controls every national tv channel and the newspapers don't have paper to print...

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    Whatever happens, I wish everyone involved the speediest resolution possible and a secure peace afterwards.



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