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    I've swapped out our previous Necroposting blocker for a system that will allow you to post to older content after notifying you that it's fairly old and confirming whether or not you really want to do it. Don't go necroposting just to test it, that would be considered spam, but if you try to reply to something older legitimately and see the new system, that's what is going on.

    Depending on how people treat it and how well it works we may keep it or go back to the old, or go hybrid and set the two handlers on different forums as appropriate.

    The forum games section now allows the OP/TS to categorize people into groups and roles. You can see the group & role of everyone else in your group. Mods can see all groups/roles. Group/role names are subject to all normal rules of this forum so if use this system abusively you will be punished. @Zelkova can explain the point, purpose and usage of this in more detail.

    We have a die rolling system. It's quite awesome. It's also not turned on yet and does nothing right now because I have been too sick to find the time and effort but will be out there eventually. The handler for it was done well before 1 & 2, I just didn't have the chance to write the BBCode wrapper, so disregard anything you see out there because it doesn't and won't work until I say it's ready and won't work retroactively.

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    I feel like a hybrid system would be better. There's some forums that don't really need the new system *cough*Shenanigans*cough*.

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    No such thing as spam there anyway, so why bother blocking replies?
    We'll see how it goes.

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    I love this! No more messages disturbing mods asking them to reopen Dota 2 threads that only 3 people use...

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    The groups and roles system in the forum games section look like this

    Groups and roles can only be assigned by the OP or thread starter. The OP of the thread can dictate groups and roles by clicking the [Group/Role Assignment] tag below a users avatar.

    They will be greeted with a js (I think) popup window like so

    And from there they can divvy out roles.

    Members of a forum game can have a role and it will be shown to everyone, have a group and only show fellow group members their group, or a mixture of the two.

    I am hoping that this system will clear up some confusion and lead to some fun new games in the forum games section of SP. At the very least, it will make mafia games way more fun!

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    I'm gonna have to ask for a clear definition on the difference between spam and flooding. Especially WRT shenanigans.

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    Spam is posting off topic. It's impossible to be off topic in a topic free forum. Necroposting as a concept is almost entirely about posting so late to a thread that the reply itself has become spam because it's that far dead and gone.

    Flooding is posting sheer volumes of needless crap. This is stupid, annoying, and therefore illegal, anywhere.
    Doesn't matter if it's one post, or twenty. If it causes screen scroll, mass thread bumping to saturate the front page with your username, or any number of other similar concepts, it's flooding.

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    SP D&D..
    the day has finally come.

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    Pathfinder please.

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    3.5 or Pathfinder are both good options. Hybrids of the two usually work out alright as well.

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    Yeah, I've been playing a campaign that is a mix of Pathfinder/3.5/Forgotten Realms and it works out fairly well, tons of options for building characters.

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    As before, if we can find someone to DM it, count me in.

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    It's sad you had to explain this :|

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    Yes, yes it was.



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