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    'ello. I might return to maple, but I don't know which version yet.

    I want to know if it is at all possible to get and upgrade equips worth having, with the profit you get from bossing - without using nx.

    I'm looking at people like @user;, @Green4Ever;, @Mazz; and @qtpie;. they do all the top notch bosses.
    are the drops enough to buy nx for cubes, wheels and freezers, or do you feel that you have to buy nx, in order to keep up?

    is it possible to make a mule like a paladin, that can bind and stuff, and make my way by attending boss runs like that? are drops given to players with the sole purpose of buffing and binding?

    I hope this isn't an inappropriate question to the people I have mentioned.

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    You want to boss like them, then it is almost necessary to use NX, and loads of it.

    You want to boss casually, like say be happy to kill VL, maybe HT and some others... then with some effort, luck and events it's possible to do so.

    By most standards, it's possible to get 100k range with 0 funding. To go beyond that significantly... it's quite abit harder.


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    I would agree with this assessment. Unless you already have some wealth built up or good equips allowing you to take on some of the higher end bosses, you probably will need some nx investment to get to that point.

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    what I mean: would my share from empress, hard magnus and other top tier bosses be enough to fund me, if I was running with people like Mazz, as a binding mule only?

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    I'm gonna say yes.
    Cause that's exactly what I saw happen to some people in my guild
    This guy used to be weak, but he joined us at CRA runs, got drops, made some mesos and now he's decently funded.

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    Most of those peeps bring their own mules or just solo. If they bring tag along members it is probably as favors to pals rather than them paying for buffs.

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    Daily Gollux, daily Commerci, weekly Empress x2, weekly Chaos RA (all 4 bosses), and weekly Hard Magnus makes me roughly 25-40b a week depending on drops, so yeah, it's way more than enough to get by without having to spend a dime. I split everything but Empress 50/50 though so if you're going with a full party (I have the luxury of multiple computers with mass mule accounts for this) or just being a Bind mule, you'll make a hell of a lot less, obviously.

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    Some of my responses are anecdotal, but I hope you find them useful.

    With the profit gained from bossing, it is possible to purchase new gear and upgrade with mesos, but the equips of interest must be pre-scrolled/cubed well and readily available in the free market for affordable (i.e. buyable), which rarely happens. With the influx of newer sets of gear (RA, Tyrants, Gollux - the most powerful sets introduced thus far), a lot of the time it's just not possible to find top-tier gears that are completely finished, and the only way to upgrade efficiently would be to use nx. These new sets haven't quite reached the "hand-me-down" property of older, outdated sets (e.g. Dark Pirate Top/Bottom, CHTP, VIP accessories/weapons), so there's not that many of them floating around (you'll mostly find clean ones, or sub-par ones meant to be discarded).

    It is largely dependent on the types of bosses/activities you partake in, how well you are able to partition your time for Maple each day, and how well you can develop and maintain connections; these are factors that will greatly influence your profit margins. The profits are sustainable, enough to purchase the necessaries (drop cards, hired merchants, buff freezers, wheels), as well as the desired cubes/scrolls, etc. To address the latter part of the question, I've never purchased nx out of my own pocket, but I can attest that there is definitely a constant pressure to upgrade (due to the power creep), which is only possible with nx.

    Just for clarification, in your question, you are making a distinction between the two means by which the nx is purchased, right?

    Definitely possible, but again, you need to find the right connections. Prior to the change to the boss drop mechanic (i.e. shared drops), the profits were split evenly with the people in my crew. Others, however, may distribute splits fractionally, so that the binders/supporters will receive less in comparison to the main attackers. It's really up to the decision of the person leading the squad.

    Side-note: I think obtaining profit from bosses, when starting out with virtually nothing, was far more viable pre-Unleashed. At this point in time, I don't think it's possible to complete the end-game bosses alone (e.g. CRA, Empress, Gollux) without spending nx out of your own pocket.

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    Pre-Big Bang, even. Ah, the gold ol' days of Zakum/Scarga/Horntail when everything was so simple.

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    It definitely is possible, whether it's worth the time/effort or not is another question entirely though. Most of the other 'end-game' bossers I know in GAZED got to that point by throwing a large amount of money at the game, and in some cases even buying finished equips with the sole purpose of being able to kill stuff in order to resell, but I'm pretty old school with my method (which I essentially stole from the Zakum Helmet crews of Windia circa 2007).

    I don't know how other people organise their 'squads' but I have a group of 4/5 or so that come bossing with me (Chaos Root Abyss, Gollux, Magnus or Empress - the groups differ slightly depending on which boss we're killing). I take all the drops at the end and sell them in my shops in the FM and give everyone a split of the profit, the biggest splits go to the people who are either more valuable in terms of use (so bind mules, or high DPS), and people who mainly just tag along for fun get a smaller (but still reasonable, usually 10-20% depending on how many people attend/what drops we get) cut.

    The two people that come with me to basically every boss run I do have gone from ~50-60k ranges up to 400-500k since a little before the summer, but pretty much the only effort they put into upgrading is taking splits I give them and using it to either buy NX to cube, or to buy equips to use. If all you do is attend bosses and earn money from splits you will be able to improve, but it'll be a lot slower than if you were putting more time/effort in. I've gone from 8k buffed range on my old Shadower (winter 2011) to 2mil clean on my Dual Blade (current, so roughly 2 years) with about $300-500 or so of my own money invested (most of which went on emergency charging so I didn't lose my spot in the Free Market, or to take advantage of a sale that was about to end. I also bought like 5 permanent Hyper Teleport Rocks when they were available which cost something absurd like $120). This would've been impossible had I have not done the following:

    1. Pretty much always be at my computer ready to race online and grab a FM 1 spot just as a server check (or unscheduled) ends, preferably near the door: this is extremely important for bossing because from ~FM3 onwards or so people like to drop the prices down so potential buyers feel more inclined to look around in the future for cheap deals. It's also useful to have a good FM spot if you spot something cheap in another room, you can overprice stuff a LOT if you have a good spot, because people are lazy.

    2. Make an unreasonable amount of mule accounts to farm events with: this is a very easy way of making money without really 'playing' the game, it does however require an enormous amount of patience and organisation. You can either hoard hundreds of event items to use when you have suitable equips in the future, or sell scroll service to people who have good equips but do not have the means to upgrade them themselves (generally people who spend absurd amounts of money on NX fall into this category).

    3. Be online a lot: this isn't so important any more since the current bossing set up seems to be something along the lines of 'kill everything on 4x+ drop, then wait a week for the entrance limits to reset'. Back when Empress was a daily ordeal it could take up to 7-8 hours to get into the map to kill her due to a high number of people trying to do the same thing, and hackers did not help either. I guess this is similar to the first point; you will need a lot of free time.

    Once again, I can't speak for anyone else really but that's how I've done it at least. I consider myself fairly successful in that I've upgraded from pretty much nothing up to the max damage range without putting too much money into the game, but I feel like this isn't how you're /supposed/ to do it, mostly because if I didn't buy NX with meso none of this would've worked at all, and that's explicitly against the ToS.

    Sort of went off on a tangent a bit, but I hope this helps. I would say you could tag along and join me for a few runs but I already have about 4 bind mules, and short of making a bossing rota (which would be even less efficient for those trying to earn money without doing much) it wouldn't work. Most people fall back on buying NX with real money because it's a ton easier and they'd rather spend the time doing something else/something productive.

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    Back to the topic at hand, I think reaching a comfortable point at which you can rely solely on bossing for profits has a lot to do with making the right decisions at the right time, as well as luck.
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    Biggest tip: Find and maintain NX sellers. Is that infraction worthy? Anyhow, seeing as how NX is the number one impediment to success in the game, you need a lot of it. It isn't even difficult to accrue mesos using some of the methods already described being a pretty casual player (1~2 hours per day), but going that last step from mesos to NX can be challenging. From my own personal experience, I am sitting on 50B~60B of mesos and highly liquid items and am constantly looking for NX sellers. I have gone nearly full NX-less, only buying for surprise sales or emergency shop revival.

    I didn't really answer your question, but participating in bossing is a completely viable way to upgrade yourself. Just remember that it might start out slow if you aren't contributing much.

    To jump start your path to success, like Mazz already described, you need to participate in "vertical meso distribution" events. That's a term I took from my brother, but these events move mesos from the rich downwards through the economy, an excellent example currently is the Valentine's Candy Points event where the masses can sell Protection Scrolls to move themselves up. Other iterations of this event in the past include selling Tempest, Unleashed and Pinnacle Rings, really anything with a Coin Shop. Use these event to build up a reserve of mesos that can provide a foundation to move up from Bind Mule/Support to contributor and things get pretty easy the rest of the way. Of course, if you find NX sellers.

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    if you are just starting and you want to have sufficient funding to do the top bosses quickly, then you will have to invest your own money. The principle amount you will have to use is proportional to the time you have to spend on this game. Although I spent a lot of money on this game to fund my mage. I have already gained back and profit because of the bossing. Once you have set your foundation, connection and having good reputation is extremely important because you need a good flow of cash going in and out or else you'll be stuck with mesos in all your mules unable to do anything.



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