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    1. Trolling rule #1, Trolling attempts should always be entertaining.
    Only repeating the posters name and that they made a thread is one of the most boring and lazy things that I have ever seen. It may or may not accomplish the goal of PO the person (depending on their tolerance to trolling) but it does very little in terms of amusement. At a minimum you should use pictures, puns or something else annoying that gets the point across without being overly mean.

    2. Trolling rule #2, There are many different schools of trolling but the most important are lighthearted trolling and trolling to be a plantain.
    Lighthearted trolling: No harm is intended and sometimes a good lesson may even be learned.
    Trolling to be a plantain: The biggest goal of this is solely to annoy or irritate the target or target audience. (I do not support this type of trolling but your preferences may vary)

    3. Trolling rule #3, Misunderstandings and trolling.
    Shocking as it may be, there are times when you might be wrong. Probably because of a violated rule or two. If this happens you should stop, take another look at the rules that are likely posted nearby and try to figure out what you did wrong. If that does not work then you should go to your local moderator and politely ask them to try and explain the issue. This should solve almost all problems but if the matter is still unclear even after this point, your options become rather limited. If both sides of the issue have been clearly explained and there is still a problem then that means, someone does not like you or you are very unlucky. In which case you should curl into a ball, assume the fetal position and cry yourself to sleep. Another choice would be to express your emotions in a random bout of road rage or other public outburst.

    As advanced trolling goes beyond the scope of this thread, you may consider this class dismissed.
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    Here's my version of trolling 101.

    Point Value: 2 points
    Definition: "Making any inflammatory or antagonistic post."
    Additional Comment: Whether a post is actually inflammatory or antagonistic is up to the moderators determination of general public response, it doesn't particularly matter if you didn't consider it such.

    It's against the rules so don't do it.

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    For the most success when trolling, remember to place yourself under the bridge, never above. Beware of billy goats, because they will undermine your schemes and are often very skilled in the art of counter-trolling.

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    You gota pay the troll toll to get into that boy's hole.


    This is hilarious. I got a warning from a bot that I cannot even respond to because it found that line "gross."

    Fyi, that is a line from a particularly funny episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia where the character Frank (Danny DeVito) is supposed to say that line "You gota pay the troll toll to get that boy's soul" and he butchers it.
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    4. use worn-out memes borrowed from r/circlejerk. Never gets old. Guaranteed 50% increase to all troll stats.

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    75% if the meme is incorrectly used or irrelevant to current topic of conversation.



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