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  1. Default Should I Enhance?

    So I've been waiting for Nexon to tell us whether or not we're getting MEE's and I'm getting a little impatient now
    I'm going to be equipping my cane very soon and just wanted to get your thoughts on whether I should enhance it or continue to wait/hope for MEE's to be released

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    Pretty sure they were confirmed to stay in KMS because they recognized the fact that they simply are too strong.

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    I will quit if we get MEEs. Fuck MEEs.

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    Default Re: Should I Enhance?

    I wouldn't,seeing the new KMST changes.
    Well on the other hand it's just KMST it can change any time now.
    I would wait (a week or so) and see how things go in the live version if it stays the same I wouldn't aee/ee/mee(leljkyounohavemees).

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    We aren't getting MEEs.

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    Enhance that bad boy brah

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    Thanks for all the replies!
    Looks like I'll be enhancing the cane and quitting with all of you if MEE's ever do come out



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