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    Default Explorer Mage, or Evan?

    I'm been hankering to level one of these Mage types up. I played them before, but both suffered the problem of long cast times, or simply felt "slow". I played a Mage pre-BB and an Evan roughly when they came out, and deleted both since I wasn't having fun sloshing through the early levels. Seeing some RED videos of MountLag and Bleve showed that they've come a long way and can really spam it up and cast incredibly fast compared to before.

    However, I'm not sure which to go for more. Explorer Mage obviously has the advantage of sharing my pet and 3 possible mage archetypes that I can switch between if I don't like one style. On the other hand, Evan seems very well rounded, and seem like a hardier mage type thanks to their numerous HP% buffs and their Hyper giving great status resistance for a little over 1/2 of the time. It's also the fact he controls a dragon and there's no need to pay NX anymore for their skills books which was another reason I deleted my old Evan.

  2. Default Re: Explorer Mage, or Evan?

    I'll say, Explorer, either a Bishop or a FP they are really fun and OP, in different ways

  3. Default Re: Explorer Mage, or Evan?

    I enjoyed my Evan a while back. They are much faster now, and have a decent character card effect. Explorers are pretty good too, although I haven't played them since the revamp, i found I/L and Bishops fun before. Explorers also get the shared cash shop which is nice. Why not try out Evan, and if you don't like it go for an explorer mage?

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    Beast Tamer.

    I would recommend I/L again. Playing I/L was fun, there are a lot of different things to keep up.

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    Being short ranged in this game is so awful for so many bosses out there. That's the reason I wouldn't recommend F/P mages, try out the other mages if you must consider playing an explorer. Evans get buffed again later on in the FLY patch, even though they're already so strong.

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    Not sure what you mean by 'short ranged' considering F/P mages can now comfortably cast poison mist from range using the 4thjob skill flame haze or w/e

    Granted, they have to use teleport mastery on the boss to get that 5th DoT for Mist Eruption but using poison mist on a boss isnt as hard as it was pre-RED. Besides, the only boss where being short ranged is a disadvantage is Gollux I think, not so sure about any others.

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    There's nothing wrong with being short ranged. Part of Flame Haze's ability is that it disables the monster's touch damage, so being close ranged doesn't even matter if you keep that set up, which you should be doing anyway.
    As for using Teleport as a 5th DoT, this isn't always necessary. Slime Virus, Megiddo Flame, and Flame Gear (if you have it) work nicely for this as well, as they all last longer than Teleport and are a bit easier to set up as well.

    F/P has way more bossing potential than the other two magicians. F/P was designed as a bossing class. Flame Haze + Mist Eruption is a ridiculous amount of DPS that the other two magicians can't even compete with. I/L was designed as a mobbing class, and Bishop was designed mostly as a support class. I don't know much about Evans so I won't comment on them, though.

    If all 4 classes can cap, then that changes things a bit, but I'm under the assumption that you're looking for more of the unfunded point of view, so I won't go into details with that.

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    Default Re: Explorer Mage, or Evan?

    I made a brand new F/P so the crit ring a while back and liked it so much that I actually hit 140 and plan to keep training it because it was that much fun. I even scrolled a perfect E Staff 5 for it which is the most I've ever invested in an alternate character. The flow is very different from the archers I usually play. I found it a great change of pace for training.

    My F/P had only evo rings and I found leveling to be a breeze 60+. DoTs ignore the 5%/lvl difference miss rate so they train much faster than basically anything else. Their style is incredibly well suited to MPE and Evo world training which also helps.

    I can't speak for I/L or Evan since I've never gone past 60 on either, but I find F/P to be both fun and strong. It was definitely a better experience than the complete hassle I get from trying to level a HS mule bishop.

  9. Default Re: Explorer Mage, or Evan?

    The length of that skill is pretty much the same as say 1 Dark Impale from DKs. When I say short ranged, you pretty much have to jump into the line of fire to get your attacks to even reach them. Gollux is indeed #1 in the range department issues.

    Just for some minor purposes not even a gigantic difference, having ranged attacks in dojo means a lot, even more so if you can pull them too. I don't know if attacks reach ariel in PB, I'd assume yes because I never heard any complaints, most really "short ranged" classes had this issue, like DBs and old day DKs. In the current broken Magnus, although I haven't even gone in for like say a week or two, when he does the green explosion attack, the 2 areas next to him are nearly instant casts. They come out before he even starts the animation and you're dead already (a bit contradicting since you still have to stay in range to get 100% damage in). The point of being long ranged for several of the % hp damage bosses out there is so that, you don't get hit at all. Chaos Pierre can stun you if you have low stat resist, and the hats don't make it any easier for you to try to run out of them when he goes around chasing and whacking you. The current commerci's Livythan (however you spell it) is annoying for most short ranged crew out there without stance, which is actually easily solved by having a Mihile unless you're like me and too lazy lol (or maxed out in links). Sengoku high was a problem too for unfunded players with no stance, since several of them just kept KB locking you (again solved by Mihile).

    It is true that the current F/Ps are still strong without a doubt. I can't help you compare them with the current and after Evans though in the damage department unfortunately.



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