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  1. Default Total Damage for Phantoms

    So I was cubing my card with the bonus potential cubes and got this

    I'm horrible when it comes to this, so I was hoping someone could help me out.
    Would % attack be a lot better than % total damage or are they about the same for Phantoms? Just want to make sure before I go cubing over something good

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    Depends on the amount of %boss hou have. Judging from that card I'm gonna assume you have quite a lot, so it wouldn't be that effective. I can't do the exact math but if you have lots of boss (I don't know the stats of your cane and other factors) something like 9-12% att would beat it already.

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    Looking to have over 200% boss damage.

    Figured as much. Just wanted to make sure before using more cubes.

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    @Carlosxc; Then %att wins by a long shot.
    Practically everyone I know went for 9-12%att instead of 18% boss lines so 9-12%TD most certainly doesn't beat it.

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    Need a full check on how much %DMG and %Boss you have.

    12%ATT is no different from getting that 35%Boss line while possessing ~290-292%B/DMG (means %Boss + %DMG). You are no where close to that limit...

    If anything, your Bonus potential needs work.


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    Phantoms already have 30% total damage from Aria buff and a 100% damage from DK's cross surge. You can get an extra 60% damage from final cut too, but its really a training type skill at best. In the end, just packing too much, don't need full math to notice you have too much already especially when you are aiming for 200%+ boss damage. Best to just straight out slap some % atk in between.

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    Isn't Final Cut an entirely separate multiplier, so it wouldn't be considered %DMG? Needless to say, the conclusion (that %ATT for bonus potential is superior) would not change.

  8. Default Re: Total Damage for Phantoms

    Final Cut is a 1.6x multiplier, not total damage, and @ Carlos, I'd recube, 1 line of 9% ATT would likely be better than 21% damage.

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    Final cut is separate I know, for the 2 guys above me. I was just throwing it in for the sake of throwing it in. Even without it, its still too much right now, we all agree % atk is the way to go.

  10. Default Re: Total Damage for Phantoms

    Yea, I was only looking to cube the bonus potential. Still working on my % boss, but it looks like % attack over total damage is the way to go.

    Thanks everyone else for the quick replies. Going to be cubing it again later



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