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  1. Default Elven Knight (dnf)

    Can't wait for Knight class to come out in DnF!
    fanart, cept not really fanart cuz it looks nothing like her, only a lil lmao

    spent my bday doing this hehe

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    Default Re: Elven Knight (dnf)

    I love this SO much! You've really improved with your lines!

  3. Default Re: Elven Knight (dnf)

    I know I'm picky, but I just imagined someone battling with a sword on high heels.

    On the other hand I just imagined quite a few painful kicks. D:

  4. Default Re: Elven Knight (dnf)

    Pretty sure I've seen some fight sequences where the guy/girl manages to block sword swings by catching the blade in a crevice in their shoe/highheels. So its still pretty badass

    OT: Not sure if i've mentioned this on something you've posted before but I love the way you paint metallic surfaces



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