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  1. Default CWKPQ Issues.. Yet Again

    Have we hit the 10th time CWKPQ is glitched yet?

    Basically, @CrazyForDex; and I did a CWKPQ run. We had about 7 attackers and 3 mules going. Then we got into Stage 1 but everytime we spoke it said Scania by our names (Like, *[Scania] *Username*, if that makes sense). And then 5 of us that entered through the portal behind the pillar in Stage 1, Dc'd. But two of our members got through and are still going strong. If it helps, it was a Bowmaster and Night Lord.

    Is there a new way to clear the old CWKPQ that I'm missing? And yes, people still do the PQ's. I can't ignore those cheese's and seal chairs.

  2. Default Re: CWKPQ Issues.. Yet Again

    Did the expedition leader talked to the statue before you guys entered the pillar portal? There should be a blue message (I forgot what it says) before you are allowed to enter.

  3. Default Re: CWKPQ Issues.. Yet Again

    I did. I was the first one to enter too and everyone else just followed with me in DCing.

    And now I'm hearing it's been like this for a month now.



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