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  1. Default Chaos HT glitch?

    About a week about me and a friend went regular HT and then Chaos HT without a hitch, however every time we've tried since then, the expedition captain can enter but when I try(or any other friends who came with us) to enter we get a message something along the lines of "the number of applicants is full. you cannot enter" . Then if the exped captain who just entered chaos HT tries to go regular HT it will say he already went twice today, anyone know what's up?

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
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    Default Re: Chaos HT glitch?

    This is the same HT/CHT glitch we've had for years. (Instances solved it for HT, but not for CHT)
    After a maintenance, 30 people can get in on each channel. Once that list of 30 is full, only people on the list can go in, and only solo.

    And yes, trying to enter and failing counts as one of your attempts for the day, that's a different glitch but also a very old one.

  3. Default Re: Chaos HT glitch?

    It changed a bit for CHT since it was first "glitched". Once the list is full of 30 people, anyone can still go for a solo.

  4. Default Re: Chaos HT glitch?

    Omg this is amazing news. I want to cht for exp so now i don't ever have to worry about list glitches.

  5. Default Re: Chaos HT glitch?

    Well... you still have to wait in line though lol. Depending on the server and activity, whoever is in there can literally camp all day.

  6. Default Re: Chaos HT glitch?

    It's terrible exp because you can only kill 1 every 10 minutes once it fills up. Can't lead twice in a row.

  7. Default Re: Chaos HT glitch?

    It's terrible grinding exp, great daily exp.

    I'm aware bossing for exp won't last long at my level. I already get upwards of ~10% per day if i do a few bosses excluding any form of HT, which is more than enough for me.

  8. Electron Male
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    Default Re: Chaos HT glitch?

    Yup, that's basically what I do, I decided to switch from doing reg ht to chaos ht today, and it gives a bit more exp definitely worth soloing especially when you cant be bothered to train and with all these free 2x events + daily coupon.



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