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  1. Default Commerci sweetwater set

    So i've done with all the commerci quests beside those of the party one one and I wwant to know:
    1. How i can get the sweetwater set?
    2. Can i transform the commerci set into the sweetwater set?
    3. Which NPC do i have to talk to obtain the sweetwater set?

  2. Default Re: Commerci sweetwater set

    1. Go on a trade voyage and kill Grosso Polpo (Octopus) and Livyatan (Dragon). These two drop the equips. They start spawning in Rosa, the third trade destination that you unlock. This means it'll take a minimum of three days of doing trade voyages just to unlock the necessary trade destinations for the equips.

    2) No.

    3) The female NPC inside the first building on the left side of Commerci is who you talk to to start a trade voyage. The NPC next to her in the house sells the Sweetwater accessories and scrolls for Commerci Denaro, which is obtained through making trade voyages.

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    Can you use tyrants (cape and shoes) to upgrade sweewater?

  4. Default Re: Commerci sweetwater set

    The upgrade NPC just specifies that only gear lv140-150 can be upgraded, so I would assume so.

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    Default Re: Commerci sweetwater set

    I guess i can ask in this thread since its pretty much the same case.

    Has anyone been able to start dialogue with the upgrade npc ? If yes how?
    I did quest chain up to "Assassins report" quest yet npc have no reaction on me. (beside first quest that he explained some stuff).

    How can we upgrade our emp sets ? Do we need to wait for voyage bosses or is there any faster method (the 10 coin 10 times a day listed in patch notes? How can i make it work)

    Thanks and sorry for rather weak english.

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    And how much time it takes to the fual to be at the maximum?

  7. Default Re: Commerci sweetwater set

    Well seeing as my guildy and I have been doing this, I can answer these through experience.

    As it stands we haven't be en able to get the upgrade npc to speak to us, even though we have sweet water gear. The fuel refreshes daily, I guess to prevent people from doing it unlimited as Gollux originally was. It takes 3 days minimum to get to the 3rd route, which is where the first boss will start to spawn. What we are trying to do next is get the boss to drop the anvil to upgrade since the npc itself isn't working, that is the only other option for upgrading.

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    Does leveling the boat go faster at the harder destinations? I eliminated 93 monsters on the Luna route and still only got 300 exp, same as Dolce.

    And is there a boat exp chart? It's sorta looking like it'll take a few months grinding to even get the first boat upgrade.

  9. Default Re: Commerci sweetwater set

    The number of monsters you defeat determines the amount of EXP your character gets, not your boat. It's actually a nice way to get some EXP, as I was getting 1.7m-1.9m exp per trade.

    At the moment, there's no boat EXP chart that I know of. If you open the Vessel window, you can hover over the EXP bar, and it tells you how much EXP you need to level up, so it wouldn't be hard to make one as everyone progresses. For reference, level 2 -> 3 is 4,800 EXP. But yeah, definitely seems like it's going to take quite a bit of time investment to level up the boat decently.

  10. Default Re: Commerci sweetwater set

    Yeah, 1->2 was 2400 exp, which if it keeps doubling is not a good sign...

    I don't really know, is 2mil exp good for a minute or two? It's only like, 0.2% on my Hayato so I sorta dismissed it. If you could do more than 5-10 rounds a day it might be. And if you can kill more monsters in the 'infinite spawn' segments that'd probably bump up the rate you get.

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    From Uni's blog.

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    I wouldn't say it will take a couple months seeing as you can get to lvl 3 within 3 days of travels, which is only 7 lvl's shy of the next boat upgrade.

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    Well, it's nice that there isn't a massive curve. And the EXP you get per trade for your boat's obviously gotta go up, but it's still going to take some time to level the boat up depending on when and how much the EXP goes up per trade.

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    First boat is 390 runs to get to level 10, assuming it stays 300 exp per time.

    Second boat is 1293 runs.

    If there's no trick to getting more energy, the most runs you can do in a day (after day 1 when you have a couple tutorial rides) is 10. So 39 and 129 days, or ~5 1/2 months.

    Whereas getting to level 3 is 22 rounds.

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    Do you know anything about the drop rates or how strong Grosso Polpo and Livyatan are?

  16. Default Re: Commerci sweetwater set

    I dunno about drop rates, but Grosso Polpo at least is not very strong at all. All the monster fights on the ship have time limits, so they have to be weak to an extent.

    I beat him on my Xenon with a 70k buffed ranged pretty easily.

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    Would a 50k buffed Marksman be able to kill it, do you think? I really want to get myself an equipment upgrade finally x.x

  18. Default Re: Commerci sweetwater set

    My 30k unbuffed BM can so I guess you can too(thought I barely can).
    Also is the green the only grosso or is there another orange one?

  19. Default Re: Commerci sweetwater set

    We are the Master Race so yes you should do fine.

  20. Default Re: Commerci sweetwater set

    Grosso Polpo's drop rate seems to be fairly low. I didn't receive any Sweetwater equipment out of 3 runs on 11.52x drop rate yesterday.
    I'll be going 6 more times on 5.76x drop rate as soon as 2x starts and will edit this post after 2x ends if I get anything.

    Results from 6 runs: 3x Superior Crystal, 1x Cubic Blade, 1x Cubic Chaos Blade, and a Sweetwater Sword.
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