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  1. Default Debating Whether to Return.

    I told myself a couple months back after I had hit level 200 that I was never coming back. I played on Khaini, but I just felt like such an outcast. I'm 20 years old and I wasn't able to encounter anybody who was around that age range. I mostly came across 12-16 year olds who were just obsessed with League of Legends. The new RED update has gotten me interested, but I don't know whether I should come back or not. If I come back to Khaini, I would like to be able to make some new friends, possibly from here and also join a guild. I've also been debating whether to leave Khaini alone and just try another server. Think I should come back?

  2. Default Re: Debating Whether to Return.

    I know that feel, friend. I'm 22, about to graduate, and I find it so hard to make friends on MS. I enjoy playing the game(not the NX dump part), but I dont have any friends that play either.

    RED has made adventurers 100x more fun for me, I'm very much enjoying the revamped classes. However, if you find it hard to make friends now due to the age gap, it only gets worse. If you are ever on Bera, I'd play with you.

    Good luck with whatever you do :)

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    I used to play on Bera. I would try it again, but my concern is if I can play with all the lag.

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    The lag is only bad if you're in a populated town, but I suppose it would also depend on your connection speed. I've only had lag on the most extreme days, so if you've got a decent connection I doubt youll notice any sort of lag.

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    It got so bad on Khaini in towns even when I was the only one in them. I feel like I have a good connection, but I'm not sure why it was doing that. It would freeze me to the point where I had to force the computer to shut down and restart.

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    I can't say we are very active, but I have a few S Perricans in my guild and you'd be welcome.
    I don't think any of us are below 18. Me, I am in my late 20s.

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    Your always welcome to join the guild I'm in, Authority.

    Most of us are over 22, one or two above 30s, and we have an active alliance.

    Also, if you really want to enjoy the guild you should come up with us on skype. We usually host a call at around 10 - 11 pm est that goes throughout the whole night [most of us have either graduate classes or work in the day, so nthing really happens in our giuld during the day]

    Night owls enjoy our guild the most =P

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    That sounds lovely. I'm guessing both of you are on Khaini?

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    Default Re: Debating Whether to Return.

    The game still has tons of bugs. The client still crashes often. Lag is abundant.

    It's just a bit less pay to win and adventurer's got buffed.

  10. Default Re: Debating Whether to Return.

    pineapple I goofed up big time.

    I came back recently as well and yellonde had a world alliance.

    I thought the K in YMCK was khaini, apparently it was kradia.

    I'm sorry :( [your welcome to come to yellonde, we will love you </3]

  11. Default Re: Debating Whether to Return.

    I'll definitely look into it. I have a feeling I will be lagging the same way and will need to move to a newer server.

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    eh I don't play this game for social reasons. I just play it cause it's a time waster that I enjoy walking around in. That and i challenge myself with trying to get the best gear possible with 0 funds and taking advntage of the free gears as much as possible. I still only have 85 mil to my name since Nexon decided to nerf the pineapple out of Krexel again AND decided that the quest rewarding 7 mil was way too much in an economy where things can cost multiple BILLIONS.

    Basically, my only money maker is being able to loot gear and excess potions and selling them for like 800k profit every day.

    But if you're not as sadistic as I am, then probably not a good idea to come back. The poor/Rich line is WAY too much to over come unless you invest a couple hundred dollars.

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    i have never been able to put the majority of maple's population in words until today

    also do note: wherever you may be hiding, the lag will always find you. good luck!@@

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    Default Re: Debating Whether to Return.

    They put most of the NPCS that lag people into one map so that helped reduce town lag quite a bit. However, there are still some maps where they are available so yeah...

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    It's a shame you don't play GAZED or i'd add you. I just came back to this game also.

  16. Default Re: Debating Whether to Return.


  17. Default Re: Debating Whether to Return.

    El nido

    All of these servers are tied together.

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    I dislike town lag for some reason, keeping my training progress even harder. After RED, I can move around between towns, away for certain period of time due to my illustration works.

    Anyway... you are welcomed to Renegades if you plan to move there. It's peaceful server for me, at least. My guild is more on social + train / bossing together. I could give some support or incentives for you if you wish. You could join my guild, AiDesu. It's very small guild, but most of us are 20+, only one or two are below 20 years in age.

    edit: you could be my friend too.
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    Default Re: Debating Whether to Return.

    I'm in the same situation as you Setsuykie, I came back after a year of inactivity and I literally have no friends that play besides ShinkuDragon.

  20. Default Re: Debating Whether to Return.

    But Khani is so dead :( Whenever I enter the FM and see like 5 people...



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