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  1. Default Root Abyss Pet buff?

    Thinking of buying the RA Pet set... What does the buff give exactly? I'm going to guess a bunch of Att/M.Att, but does anyone know exact figures?

    Edit: also, "giant status"? The description seems different from the triple Roo-Bot buffs, which I believe give you a buff once and return to regular size. The RA pets say they give you a buff every 5 minutes. Maybe it's just bad wording, idk.

  2. Default Re: Root Abyss Pet buff?

    It should be the same as always, 3atk, 5atk, 7atk for 15atk total, plus the usual Giant pet buffs (it should work like Roo-Bots)

  3. Default Re: Root Abyss Pet buff?

    Okay well I don't think the giant pet buff works, unless it needs like fifty thousand mobs. Sat at various places just killing mobs over and over to test it and they're not growing nor giving buffs.

    Money wasted is money wasted I guess. Though I do like the Mini Queen. Pierre and Von Bon not so much.

  4. Default Re: Root Abyss Pet buff?

    the giant buff is almost negligible honestly... the important question is, does the 3,5,7 attack set buff work?

  5. Default Re: Root Abyss Pet buff?

    Yeah it does. I read somewhere that the buffs can give +Att/M.Att as a buff on top of the standard 3/5/7 buffs, which is why I got it.

  6. Default Re: Root Abyss Pet buff?

    The two +att/m.att buffs you get are quite uncommon and unreliable. There's too much junk mixed in that are far more likely to happen when you kill the amount of mobs required.



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