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Thread: Season 4 meta

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    What do you guys think will become of it?

    Right now I'm seeing a lot of high level soloq and NACL games start with 5x Relic Shield with effectively no jungler. Relic Shield -> Targon's Brace is the new OP right now--if Riot wants to keep small jungle camps and jungle items relevant I think they're going to have to change/nerf Targon's Brace or make Spirit items even more attractive for junglers, or take the middle ground and just make them not mutually exclusive.

    I'm all for the idea of jungling being optional now, though. The new gold generation items and trinkets make 2-1-2 perfectly viable without much loss in terms of buff control/Baron/Dragon. Lane setups might vary a lot, and this is something I'm looking forward to see develop.

    I like to predict, so herein lies a wall of predictions for some lane setups

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    For people who don't realize just how dumb Targon's Brace / Shield really is when doubled up.

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    "Support" LeBlanc with DFG, Deathcap and Iron Solari. Riot, please.


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    They made Soraka players build her somewhat of a Ryze, especially since her Infuse uses max mana now.

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    We're talking meta here. Team comps, not individual champions.

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    I don't think that Junglers are going to get phased out completely. But lets not forget that this is pre-season and that they are changing things to prepare.

    I expect either a Targon Shield change or slight nerf. Jungle creeps getting an increase in gold, slightly, or jungle items getting more of a buff.

    But all in all, i like the new meta. I would like to keep 2-1-2 and the 1-1-2-(Jungle) metas if possible.

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    I think 1-1-3 would be better since it allows easy dragons as well as shutting down the enemy adc. In this case adc could go top or stay bot and get a bunch of money using targons from the two other laners. A taric leona graves lane would be pretty disgusting

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    Pretty sure they already nerfed Targon's in the PBE to 60 seconds instead of 30. They should have left it as is but gave no benefit if both people have the Targon.
    I really liked the 2-1-2 lane set up, top wasn't as lonely

    To make jungle more viable i think they should move the gold passive onto spirit stone/madreds, even if it might be a nerfed passive until the upgraded item.

    I do like how "assassins" can be more viable in the jungle with the increased gold income, but we still gotta see how things roll out.

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    Have fun being level 2 when they're 5.

    I don't understand why they increased the timer. Why not just give it the treatment of only one functioning in 1000 range of each other, or add a 1/2000 ranged cd for any item with this name? They just need it to work for just one laner. Kinda like the Locket of Iron Solari.

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    Imagine brought up the idea of 3-1-1 lanes, sorry I guess I should have quoted it so people didnt misunderstand what I was talking about

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    Honestly, I think this is a band-aid fix until they decide on a final solution.



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