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  1. Default Some questions about craftable cubes post RED

    Hi , i have some questions about the artisian /master cubes that you can make post profession revamp in RED.

    1) Since the cubes are tradeable, how common are they in fm , and whats the usual price for 1 cube?(in KMS)

    2) I heard that the ingredients for an artisian cube are ( 5 occult cube fragments, 10 superior crystals , 5 superior abrasives, and blades of chaos(not sure)). I was wondering how much time does it take to farm the 5 blades of chaos , and how rare are they ?

    Thanks, it would be nice if someone can answer them ( preferably from kms)
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    Default Re: Some questions about craftable cubes post RED

    1. Price for 1 usually is the same price as what people sell cash shop cubes for "we can sell cash shop cubes in fm" in my world alliance it would be 80mil.

    2. Since Blade of Chaos and Powerful Blade of Chaos drop from Heart Stone, Secret Vein and Legendary Secret Veins which are less common than Flowers, it's more harder to find.
    Although people in FM usually sell blade of chaos/powerful blade of chaos for 5-10mil each because people really don't make cubes for profit as there are other faster ways.

    Edit: I should also note that a global announcement is made whenever someone makes or finds a cube "craftable cubes can be found from any mob but it's a very very low drop rate"



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