written by Noren Gladescout

Journal Entry 1132, Night of Cygday; month of Jallous; year 1634:
Forest of Blackbark

Another long night spent under the cover of the stars. Another uneventful day. Had another lurker staking out my camp during the twilight hours. Chased them to a cavern beside the small stream nearby. Found him, cornered and pleading for mercy. I let my blade decide; it chose that his life was over.
Funny, ever since I took up this job, I've been seeing more and more of these things sprawling over the lands. Must have something to do with this key I was given. The man said it had a "grave importance." Still can't figure out what he meant by it.
Going to have to find a new campsite soon. It's been a week that I've been here, and..
Just had to slay another stalker. This one charged the camp, two daggers bared at me. It amazes me. Either they're too foolish to realize how futile it is to attack me, or they have an ulterior motive. Maybe they hope my fatigue will make me weak. Foolish for them.

New campsite has been set up. Dawn is all ready fast approaching. At least the game in these woods has provided more than enough sustenance for me. Luckily they don't attack during the day. In the week that I've undertaken this job, my sleep schedule has had to adjust to these fiends.
Another restful day, I hope.

Journal Entry 1133, Sunset hour, Capridawn; month of Jallous; year 1634:
Forest of Blackbark

I was awoken around noon by a traveling band of bards and dancers. They had said something to me about a carnival in the city of Grast, but what amazed me was their warning. They had said that there were rumors of vampires that had been sighted in these woods. After further inquires, I am led to believe that it's vampires that have been attacking me lately. The gypsies seemed to confirm these suspicions after hearing my tale. The eldest woman of the group gave me a charm for safety. She said "if you let this sit out during the day, it will protect your during the night."
I couldn't help but notice one of the girls staring at me during their short stay. She came up to me as they left and kissed my cheek, wishing me luck. She was cute, must have been smitten at first sight? Not quite sure. Hopefully they get to Grast without too much delay or danger.
After looking over the charm more carefully, it was etched on the face with symbols of the sun and moon, and had the symbol of peace painted on it with a silver paint. Once I set it out, the paint started to shine. Hopefully this will prove effective.

Night of Capridawn:

Once the sun set, the charm started to glow an odd blue. I was perplexed by this event. But, after noticing a stalker in a tree a distance from my camp, the charm started to resonate a strange humming. Maybe it might be keeping the fiends at bay? Need to experiment...
So, I chased one of my stalkers down, and after subduing them, I revealed my gypsy charm. As soon as it came close to them, it burned in my hand, hot enough to cause me to lose my grip of it. But the strangest thing happened; once it fell onto the fiend, it let out this unearthly cry. It's fangs, and for that matter all of it's teeth started to crack and burst, and I could hear the sound of bones snapping and breaking. As it writhed in pain, I saw just what had happened to it. After letting it calm down, I gagged it with some loose cloths and string on my person, then carried it back to camp.
I sat it down and undid it's gag. Though it was difficult to understand the creature without it's teeth, after interrogating it, it revealed it was "just a lowly neophyte, not yet worth it's fangs." It said it was ordered to attack me. It would not say whom was sending out the orders, just "I felt it in my head to attack." Strange. I kept the thing bound and immobile.

First restful night I've had this entire time out here.