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    Default Choice of Zombies
    It's an old-school choose your own adventure story, but it's high tech!

    It seems really well written so far, and the choices are actually quite hard.

    You have different skills and items depending on what Profession, Hobbies and Weakness you choose at the beginning, I chose to be a Paramedic with a hobby of playing Video Games and a weakness for engineering and mechanical stuff. There are stats like Medical, Engineering, Firearms, Athletics, Hand to Hand, Reflexes.

    Being a paramedic with a hobby of video games and a weakness at engineering, I have high Medical, Reflexes and Firearms stats, but low engineering and average fitness.

    There are also 2 sliding scales, Selfishness/Heroism and Sensitivity/Bloodthirst, and a counter for how many zombies you've killed.

    There are no pictures or anything, so you need a good imagination.


    First Playthrough, Death

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    Default Re: Choice of Zombies

    Hahaha, this is amazing. I've been reading and making this story for like the past hour. I'm a plumber who games in his free hours, which apparently really comes in handy in a zombiepocalypse.
    So far


  3. Default Re: Choice of Zombies

    Oh my god, I got the same ending. BUT.

    This game was awesome!

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    Default Re: Choice of Zombies


    That was my "personal," playthrough, aka what I would have done (software engineer, plays video games...). Gonna do a "idealized" playthrough now, hue hue hue.

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    Default Re: Choice of Zombies

    i went plumber/vidya/physical, this was my line when i died after my "true" playthrough:

    "The zombiepocalypse has claimed its most recent victim: you. But you damn well went out fighting, and you never ate a human. You should be proud of yourself."

    Medical: 50%

    Engineering: 88%

    Athletics: 70%

    Hand to Hand: 70%

    Firearms: 49%

    Reflexes: 72%

    Selfishness: 19% Heroism: 81%

    Sensitivity: 17% Bloodthirst: 83%

    Zombies Killed: 43

    my lack of strength killed me :(

    edit: did it again, this time as a female, the character in the spoiler is a badass motherpineappleer and knows full well her pomegranate, OBEY.
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  6. Default Re: Choice of Zombies


    Pretty much what corn said, my "personal" playthrough, kinda want to know the other endings but meh.

  7. Default Re: Choice of Zombies

    You finished the game with the following scores:
    Medical: 50
    Engineering: 85
    Athletics: 50
    Hand to hand: 60
    Firearms: 65
    Reflexes: 77

    You managed to kill 45 zombies.

    You managed to get the following people to safety:

    Selfishness: 42%, Heroism: 58%
    Sensitivity: 17%, Bloodthirst: 83%

    got to the island and got the cure, that was my personal first run

  8. Default Re: Choice of Zombies

    You finished the game with the following scores:
    Medical: 80
    Engineering: 60
    Athletics: 72
    Hand to hand: 68
    Firearms: 78
    Reflexes: 68

    You managed to kill 65 zombies.

    You managed to get the following people to safety:

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    Default Re: Choice of Zombies

    Jeez I die so often. This game needs a skip or save or something.



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