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    So since Sengoku's coming to MSEA, I have a few questions to ask.
    1. Is Kanna genderlocked?
    2. Is there a new area that may be released with this?
    3. The boss Ranmaru should be coming out with this patch, right? What would you gauge the difficulty at (for example, Hilla-like or Cygnus-like), and are there any noticeable drops that make it worth to boss there?
    4. Iirc, GMS had a few bugs about Hayato and Kanna. What are they?
    Thanks in advance!

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    1: In JMS Kanna and Hayato were Genderlocked, they weren't in GMS however. It's likely you will get the same we got (not genderlocked)

    2: Kinda, the starting area is a small expansion to the Mushroom Shrine with some new artwork and monsters, and an area that opens up at level 150+ (which you can never enter again after that)

    3: I can't say anything about Madman Ranmaru, but normal Ranmaru is slightly easier than Hilla i'd say. He has a damage reflect, but it isn't insta-kill, you have more than enough time to notice and stop attacking, and his attack patterns are really easy to spot (especially with the sound on), the only thing that makes him hard is that he has high HP (probably double or triple normal Hilla) and a mob that heals him. Normal Ranmaru drops mastery books and recipes for level 150 equipment. Madman Ranmaru drops the same but more, and can drop level 150 equipment.

    4: Most of Kanna and Hayato's bugs have actually been fixed now, it's likely MSEA will get the fixed versions with their hyper skills. The only issue i'm aware of on my Kanna at the moment is that Blackhearted Curse, her fire aura-ish Hyper Skill triggers Monkey Spirits, which triggers damage reflect. apart from that, playing Kanna and Hayato are surprisingly smooth these days, it's actually a good thing you are getting these characters so late.

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    I feel bad for upping this thread, but
    In some guides, Kanna is said to have no mana in 1st and 2nd job, but she's said to use Spiritual Energy starting 3rd job. Can I have a SS of it?

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    Kanna does not use MP (Magic Points), she has her own Mana stat, much like Demon Slayer's Demon Force. Kanna has Mana from the start.

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    Does the Mana increase every job adv like DF?

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    Kanna uses mana at all job advancements. These guides are wrong.

    Edit: ninja'd so I'll answer the next question.

    The mana amount doesn't increase at all. You have 100 Mana for life.

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    Ah. Ok then.
    Also, for Hayato and Kanna, is there this beginner skill that increases damage for Def and HP respectively? Like for example for XX Def you get Y WA.

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    Yeah, it's described as %damage on Hayato though (0.5% per 100 wdef)

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    Default Re: About Sengoku Classes

    I don't think we're getting the fixed version with the hyper skills.... Atleast, the hyper skill table isn't noted in the skill list on MSEA's website



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