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  1. Default Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD

    I have been waiting for this announcement for MONTHS I feel like I just got christmas early (despite it not coming until 2014 sometime). At least now all of you guys that own PS3s will literally be able to play every important game before 3 is out.

    It'll feature KH2 final mix (never released outside Japan), Birth by Sleep Final mix (Also never released outside japan), and HD cinematics of the Re:Coded game (Which sucked donkey balls).

  2. Default Re: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD


    Ive always wanted to try BBS ;-;

  3. Default Re: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD

    Honestly, we all saw this coming a mile away, especially with the "Leak" during 1.5 ReMIX's credits.

    Regardless, I get to replay KH2FM+ all over again, and this time I'll understand everything! Hopefully this HD release will actually get me to bother finishing BBS. I could barely finish Terra's story before I got sick of the game.

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    I played a patched version of BBS:FM, and 90% of the story wasn't translated. Sigh.
    That makes it two KH games I'm waiting for yay

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    Nvm Re:Coded is the movie. :'D

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    I was praying it'd be on ps3

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    I'm so happy it's on ps3!!! :)))) was getting worried that it would be on the ps4. Yessssss!!! I don't care that it's coming in 2014 I expect to probably see it in a summer release here in NA and a spring release for japan. My day has been made

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    Goddamn I need a PS3 just so I can finally, properly start the franchise.

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    Default Re: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD

    Yeeeeeeeee. Maybe I'll pick up both 1.5 and 2.5 when this comes out. :))))))))))))

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    Hmm...get a PS3 for Both Remixes...or wait for the PS4's Cloud Service to release it so I can play KH3 also...the decisions...
    Also I'm surprised they're already jumping into another Re:Mix so quickly. I wonder...



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