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  1. Cash3 Creating Balanced Furies

    As we all know, typhons were brought back with the recent update. My question is can anyone create balanced furies with the feathers?

  2. Helium Atom
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    Doubt it. Likely due to the original NLC Typhons map, mobs and drops still kicking around unused in the various client files.

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

  4. Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

    Aw that totally sucks, I was hoping to create a couple when i get the refined BCs.

  5. Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

    Nothing is compatible in any way between GMS Masteria and KMS Crimsonwood Keep theme dungeon when it comes to quests, crafting or story.

  6. Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

    Also, is it possible to get the Taos nowadays?

  7. Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

    The old CWKPQ bonus should still drop them. There's also the exchange quest... if you've completed the prequests before the Masteria revamp.

  8. Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

    They say you can get a Tao, but I haven't really tested though. I've completed the quests on my main Weird thing I noticed is that the All Cures that Mo sells say "for Monster Carnival only" or something like that. I never bought any there because Alcaster but w/e.

    Luckilly, I've saved a stack of 100 Typhoon Feathers on my Shad (I had like 300 more but I threw them away not knowing what to do with those ). Well, if I can get 25 more Black Crystals I can make one set of Furies

  9. Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

    If you drop those all cures which have that description and try to pick them up, they'll be used as if you were in Monster Carnival. This makes them sorta handy at bosses w/ potion cooldowns because its not triggered by picking an all-cure up, so you can heal off a status effect and still be able to heal your hp/mp.

  10. Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

    You might wanna go for the PQ to get the taos. Out of all thirty boxes in bonus, you're more than likely to get all three of them. It'd definitely be a lot less time consuming than doing the exchange over and over.

  11. Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

    Yup, especially in Dojo at bosses like Xerxes, Papa Pixie, and Poison Golem.

  12. Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

    The badge exchange is practically useless when it comes to making furies, because the Tao of Harmony comes at such an extremely low rate.

  13. Default Re: Creating Balanced Furies

    After checking all of my mules for scattered black crystal ores I might have missed (I actually had already organized them all in one place a long time ago, but I've overlooked some crystals that a few chars of my main account had) I managed to get exactly 100 crystals and 5 ores. Finally got to have one of these stars

    I also noticed I had 2 Taos of Harmony, so, since they're the "most rare", I guess I'll try to hunt the other 2 Taos and a 100 more of those damned crystals then



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