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    If I get the badge on a mule, would I be able to use that mule to bring my main along to skip the PQ and then solo HT with my main only (I don't really know how it works exactly... I've never HTed before)?

    Also, would I still need to do that transformation quest (Manon's Cry ffs) on my mule as well?

    Oh, and if anyone from Windia would like to come along, please do:

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    Yes you can drag your main in and skip the PQ and then only HT on your main, but yes, you still need to do the Transformation Quest. You can always get Manon's Cry from the Manon inside Evo World, though it is 2.5m per cry.

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    I see. Guess I'll just have to use some of that 7.5m from Krexel from time to time.


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    As long as you can be on both your character and the badge mule at the same time it should work.

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    Yep, I'll be using 2 computers. Thanks

    I mean, whenever I'm able to actually get into the PQ. That 6 people requirement is just bs.

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    So why not just get the badge on your main?

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    There's also the HT additional entry tickets that you can use to skip the prequest entirely.

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    If you plan to HT regularly, I highly recommend this. You needa kill HT at least once though the normal way to make use of those tickets.

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    I kind of have lots of characters I play with, so...

    Thanks, I'll pay more attention to these when going through the FM, though I still need to kill it the normal way



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