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  1. Default Questions regarding Haku's fan potential

    In the light of this thread in the Nexon bug reporting forum where Aurtax states that Haku's allegedly broken potential is in fact working as intended "for the time being", I have a couple of questions:

    1. Was this the case in JMS, TMS, or in any other version that has the Kanna class?

    2. Do the innate %boss and %def ignore stats on the Terminus and Fafnir fans count if equipped on Haku?

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    Default Re: Questions regarding Haku's fan potential

    1: Yes, this was the case in JMS. not sure about TMS, but it's probably the same.
    2: The innate bonuses from DRPQ fans don't activate when Haku has them equipped, so i'd guess not. But i can't be sure.

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    Default Re: Questions regarding Haku's fan potential

    This is an issue that has actually pissed me off and will probably get me banned from the Nexon Forums. Why would not a Kanna believe their secondary weapon % Boss and % PDR not work like every other class in game? Instead the Development Team knew it would not but did nothing to make sure proper word got out to the players. In the meantime people are using NX to cube Haku's fan chasing % Boss Dmg and % PDR and mounting Nebs to these items, all clueless that the fact they are wasting NX doing so, but Nexon knows. I understand that maybe "chains of communication" could of broken down but I do hope Nexon will compensate those effected by this.



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