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  1. Default Boomerang Step and CZak

    Finally tried to kill one

    So, I can avoid Zak's pillars with BS but it doesn't seem to work with CZak's. Was it always like that?

    Also, how the pineapple you guys deal with seduce + 2 pillars + Hero's Will on cd? Any tips? im nub

  2. Default Re: Boomerang Step and CZak

    They changed CZak's pillars to a % HP attack when we got Unleashed, I'm pretty sure, so you can't avoid with invincibility frames or anything else, really.

  3. Default Re: Boomerang Step and CZak

    Sacrosanctity works for my Paladin

    OT: When it comes to hero's will only save it and use it after you've been pillar'd once while seduced, as for dodging it normally keep an eye out i guess, you could use phase dash to move out of the way into czak to avoid pillars.

    As for your scenario I generally die and then all caps rage in buddy chat about how I had some unspoken deal with Nexon where my Paladin has pomegranatety offense to balance its high defense, and then how all of that gets ignored with these handy dandy %hp attacks.

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    Oh, bother. Guess I'll just keep trying then

    I was thinking of making a Paladin someday but if we keep having %HP attacks coming at us, that doesn't make a bit of difference, does it?

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    Pallies get something like 30-45% resistance against %hp attacks with R.E.D

    Just a video of a pally at vellum i've posted before:


    Its sort of balanced though because to obtain it we need to first:

    -Get hit/guard/missed to activated divine shield (50% chance of occurring i believe)
    -Hit a monster with alternating charge attacks 5 times

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    Get cygnus links and use a resistance potion, I know I'm currently playing a xenon right now but I never get seduced even though I don't use a resist pot at CZak. Willpower helps too, which can add an extra 20%.

  7. Default Re: Boomerang Step and CZak

    lol potion pot

  8. Default Re: Boomerang Step and CZak

    Potion pot also works while seduced? good to know i guess.

  9. Default Re: Boomerang Step and CZak

    Yeah I've been using it at Madman before and after the patch.



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