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Thread: Item sets

  1. Default Item sets

    I seem to have lost track from a few patches to now...

    Empress set used to be the best, specially with the release of shoulders. But now I'm seeing alien sets, sengoku sets, tinkerer items, root abyss + tyrant stuff, and now the 160 weapons, are they in a set too?

    How do set / set combos rank from best to worst nowadays?

  2. Default Re: Item sets

    1. Root Abyss+Tyrant
    2. Alien+Tyrant
    3. Empress
    4. Sengoku
    5. Alien
    6. Tinkerer(?)
    7. Setless?

    Thats my opinion anyways, you can mix parts of sets too for partial bonuses

  3. Default Re: Item sets

    What are the pieces of this alien set? and do you get it from that new alien PQ?

  4. Default Re: Item sets

    yea. the 3 set bonus is pretty awesome (something like +50 watk/matk and some other stuff). It's "high level content" pq

  5. Default Re: Item sets

    There's also Empress+Alien (would have to sacrifice helmet though, but with a shoulderpad, you'd still get the 30% boss).

  6. Default Re: Item sets

    Been wondering for awhile, would this even good for warriors since if we don't use the helm, you gotta use an overall. Using an overall over a top and bottom..idk if it's worth it.
    Potentially losing the belt slot is also pretty damaging since I'm using a tyrant belt in that slot.

  7. Default Re: Item sets

    Did anyone ever confirm if the Chaos RA hats could count as dual-sets? If it does, It could work for both Empress and Alien sets.

  8. Default Re: Item sets

    Pretty sure someone said that the chaos RA joker tag will only allow it to fullfill the highest coded set.

    IDK which one has the higher code though, empress or alien. I have a feeling it would.

  9. Default Re: Item sets

    Tyrant is not a set itself, but the lv150 Ra set does not have shoes/cape/belt (gloves), so you can wear both together. Also if you wear two alien pendants at the same time they both count in the set.

  10. Default Re: Item sets

    Oh yea? That is pretty dang useful indeed.

  11. Default Re: Item sets

    Yeah it really is. They may not be the very best themself, but since they can both count they are worth it if you want to use something like the RA hat. Mixing and matching sets to get the best bonuses from each set can be difficult. If you can not afford lets say Tyrants but have an RA set, You could equip empress shoes, shoulder, gloves, and cape for the four set (or weapon for the five). Some sets are small, some require many items (lv150 Japanese, not worth it) some have great effects, but it really comes down to what you can actually find or afford.

  12. Default Re: Item sets

    I think it means higher set number. For example, the Alien Set is #276, while the Sharktooth Set is #29. So if that's correct, it would apply to the Alien set.

  13. Default Re: Item sets

    In other words, you can just get dual alien pendants + alien earrings for 50 att? Sounds too nice.

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    Default Re: Item sets

    i'd say the current best sets is tyrants+RA (no belt), +dual pendant and earrings alien, and a black tinkerer set

    anything goes for gloves, and not sure wether i'd recommend using the akyrum rings for the attk set effect, or 2 3rd potential rings in their stead.

    this is what i consider -THE- endgame best equipping

  15. Default Item sets

    I think arkarium rings are trash even if you're talking about the level 90 arkarium rings, because pinnacle/unleashed/tempest are super cheap. You can shoot for 10 att bonus pot on those and beat them easily.

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    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
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    Default Re: Item sets

    yea, i'm not too knowledgeable on how rings pit against each other nowadays.

  17. Default Re: Item sets

    Assuming you can get 15 attack on a pair of earrings, a dominator, a 15 attack RSP, and 10+ attack rings you can easily beat out the alien set effect when bonus pot gets involved. Granted, you can do the same thing with the alien pendant and earrings, but it's probably much more difficult since they are bind on pickup, unless you're Mr.Moneybags and can afford the tradeable positive chaos scrolls from gach.

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    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
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    Default Re: Item sets

    reason why i said "best" setup, not necesarily most affordable (dem tinkerer things)

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    Default Re: Item sets

    Kinda on topic: What if the highest ID code set is already complete with the real equipment? Will the joker effect move to the next highest code set or still counts as part of the complete set?

    This is the set I'm going after in the future:

    Tyrant + RA + Kritias Set ( Shoulder, Earring, Pouch ) + Alien Set ( 2x Pendant + Scarlet Ring (Joker Effect))

    Hence the question above.

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    Default Re: Item sets

    Nah, you can just use 2 Pendants for the 5 set effect



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