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Thread: German.

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    Default Re: German.

    I'm dieing to know whether this is actually how it sounds like.

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    Heavily exaggerated (especially naturwissenschaften) but yeah lol that's how they're pronounced :(

    He pronounced daisy exactly like I would lol. Krankenwagen and kugelschreiber sound normal if you don't scream them

    Hint: shouting anything in German makes it sound threatening

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    No one, I know, yells like that while talking...

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    German has too much 'sch' everywhere. Just can't pronounce it without being near to spit flying out my mouth.

    Just try to pronounce this: Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübert ragungsgesetz. Yes, it's an actual word.

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    German tends to string words together much more frequently than other languages. The example I was taught was Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän, which simply means a captain of a boat on the Danube river. Or something like that.

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    Default Re: German.

    Oh, if you just knew Finnish you would know that long words are no strange thing here. In Finnish there's hardly any prepositions and most of the particles are found at the end of word. e.g. basic form epäjärjestelmällinen (unsystematic) could be epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydelläänsäkäänköhän (roughly translated: not even with his/her ability to be unsystematic) in a bent form. Although there's hardly any case for that to be used, it's grammatically correct. Not to mention, that's leaving out compound words, which in Finnish are written without spaces. In other words there's technically no limit on how long a word can be:

    Kumarreksituteskenteleentuvaisehkollaismaisekkuude llisenneskenteluttelemattomammuuksissansakaankopah an

    Mustavalkotäplähylkeennahkasaapasrasvatahnarasiaka nnessanikaan

    lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliups eerioppilaistansakaan

    yhdeksänkymmentäkahdeksansataatriljoonaaviisisataa kuusikymmentäyksimiljoonaakahdeksansataayhdeksänky mmentäyhdeksäntuhattaviisikymmentäkolmesataakaksik ymmentäneljä

    and so on

    It's just that German is hard to pronounce for me. Although to be honest, I still have problems with some English words too. I'm not used to words being pronounced completely different from the written form.

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    None of the germans i know sound even the least bit angry when talking.

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    Well, there are extreme words like that, but no one would use it like that. You wouldn't use those words on a daily basis... unless you are a lawyer who is specialized in that law (Rindfleischettiketierungsgesetz). I've never used those... Also it's more elegant to split big words like that. "Der Kapitän der Donauer Dampf-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft", unless you mean something like the DGG Hansa (Dampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft Hansa) which can be abbreviated and is for sure being abbreviated in that industry. :D And it is not a word for every day life either.

    I live in Germany and talk German everyday without spitting everywhere. xD It's so clichée, that Germans talk like that... like everyone is only watching Hitler movies and thinking that the whole German population is always mad and angry like that.

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    His Spanish pronunciation is also weird, he's got a really weird accent.

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    I find this both unoffensive and highly hilarious. But Germans don't speak like this. If my grandpa sneezes he'll sound like that haha. :P

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    I went to Berlin a while ago and I actually hated it there.
    People often do sound angy and annoyed mostly because they ARE.

    People are abrupt, barely talk, refuse to speak English and look weirdly at you for not speaking German.
    Waiters barely look at you serving your food or talk (This happened at least 5 times) except for a single italian restaurant.
    In a supermarket there was an older man who had trouble focusing on paying with coins and the man behind
    the counter kept screaming (Yes screaming) and pounding on the counter saying BEZAHLEN! BEZAHLEN!

    I don't know what's going on over there but nobody seems to be happy.

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    Go record yourself talking sexy in german, and I might take your word for it n_n. LOLOL

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    :T Berlin was always my least favorite place to go. I like going into the southern city-states more. Much more lively and happier people.

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    Yeah that's just Berlin. I lived in Germany for three years and everyone was fairly friendly there. It took me a while before the Germans would start speaking German back to me at restaurants. Berlin was slightly different from the rest of the country as you saw :/. As @Derosis says the southern states have much more friendly people there.

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    this reminds of the angry german kid oh god.

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    Well, I don't know how my voice sounds... hearing yourself talk is usally pretty strange. D:

    But there's lots of Germans on Youtube, e.g.:




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