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    Why does it say I have 245% pdr in my stat window when I had about 135% before? Also can I get my inner ability to go to lengendary from unique with in game circs or do i have to buy cs circs?
    Thank you


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    The ignore def stat is bugged atm so it only shows double of what you have.

    And there's no way you can change your inner ability from legendary without buying the cs version (or hope Nexon will allow you to derank for free).

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    It looks more like it is doubling PDR from equips (i dont think it affects skills since offensive matrix i adding the right amount), but its probably just a graphics glitch on the stats readout. You do need to buy legendary circs to get higher than unique. I recommend using them the second you get to unique, because normal ones can lower it back down to epic (happened to me)

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    He isn;t asking about going from U to L. He is talking about going from L to U. Once you hit L, you are forced to use cash shop circulators.

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    English hard.

    The in-game circulators can't take you to Legendary, as far as I know. (Would be quite low of Nexon to allow them to do that "by accident" and leave you having to use the cash shop ones from that point on).

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    Doh! My bad.

    On Topic - I keep hearing folks get to legendary with their in-game circs and then get stuck at a bad L because they don't want to spend money and they hate what they got. I don't believe they ever bought an NX circulator. Was there an event that may have given one of them for free?

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    I think if you have any S rank inner line before Unleashed, you will automatically have Legendary rank

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    That's an entirely possible scenario in this case.

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    I see what you did there



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