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Thread: xenon hearts

  1. Default xenon hearts

    saw a bunch in the free market before the class was released, now I don't know even where to get them.

    is there an npc that sells them or do they not exist anymore?

    cause I have an empty power source slot on my character equip screen and I'm dying to know what goes there

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    Default Re: xenon hearts

    You can buy em from the Engineer in your base. You can get there with any class by going into the new portal on the top left of (normal) aqua road.

  3. Default Re: xenon hearts

    You can buy them from the Engineer in Veritas. As I recall, my Xenon had to do a quest from him before his store was open.

  4. Default Re: xenon hearts

    that explains it then, better do that quest then

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    Default Re: xenon hearts

    Any other char can buy it without doing the Xenon-only quest.



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