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  1. Default An idea for a new party play method

    Remember back in the day when you could actually have 4-6 attackers on a regular map, neither leeching nor KSing each other to the point where it became more of a burden to party than a benefit? But now, everyone's too strong for regular mobs. Nowadays, maps full of sub-bosses labeled as "party play zones", but then there's just not enough spawn when even moderately funded players start appearing. Having multiple actual attackers simply isn't efficient because they'll steal each other's kills and EXP.

    I was thinking about this the other day. And I started wondering what would happen if there were some really big maps? But then...that would probably create lag issues and really screw up party skill sharing since nobody wants to walk all the way across the length of Henesys to give Holy Symbol. Wouldn't work so great. Then I had a different idea.

    What if you had 3-6 maps with an identical platform setup (they could look different graphically though) where the players could see, talk to, party, buff, and share EXP with each other, but could only see and attack the monsters in their own map? I know it's a bit confusing, but lemme try and explain.

    -A Buccaneer is in map A, training alone. Let's say the map spawn 20 regular monsters. Then their Marksman friend shows up.

    -The Marksman joins the party, and decided (not automatically) to move to map B, which is linked. He can see the Buccaneer, but not the monsters being killed or the drops in map A. Instead, he's got his own spawn of 20 monsters that he can attack. The two party members can speak and see each other's "To All" chat, can buff each other, and share EXP. But they can't KS or loot each other since they have completely different spawns.

    -A Phantom shows up, joins the party, and moves to map C. I think you see where this is going.

    I think this would be a great system for some new areas that would promote actual, active partying rather than one person killing a ton and 5 people leeching/buffing them.

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    I really like this idea, would remove ksing for good, but it would cause a lot of lagg if everyone go ch1.

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    What you are talking about is not unlike Monster Carnival, which is basically layered monsters so each person attacks only one layer (I'm thinking of it like Flash); could also be that the monsters are ID-tagged to only hit and be hit by you.

    I think it's an ok system, but it won't solve the problem of leeching. The only party component in this is the buffing and EXP-share.


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    Yeah, I realized it was like Monster Carnival, except cooperative and you wouldn't see a transparent version of the other player's monsters, because if you ever got to 6 layers it would be WAY too confusing visually.

    People have been leeching since forever. But in this type of party play, an attacker on another layer is ALWAYS going to be better. Because of that, you leech for too long, and someone will replace you with an active party member who actually bothers to attack. Also, this is a replacement to the whole "+50% per party member" that led to the whole L> leechers thing. There could still be a small bonus per player to encourage full parties, but small enough so that adding a pure leecher wouldn't benefit anyone.

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    It's a good idea, and can be expanded on. It really doesn't matter at that point if a player leeches, let's say his own alternative character, it doesn't bother anyone else as these maps sound private to begin with. Not to mention for those who want to level at the fastest speed and can offer the attention to do so, won't choose the inferior leeching option.

    I approve

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    Default Re: An idea for a new party play method

    Best part is this can actually be done, as it has been done before in vpq.



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